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Men Are Naughtiest During Xmas Than Any Other Holiday

Men Are Naughtiest During Xmas Than Any Other Holiday

Do you find yourself being more naughty than nice during the holidays? Whether your naughty milieu is boozing up or hooking up, it’s not just you. We dug out the dirty facts revealing all the wild things men actually do during the winter holidays. From office-party affairs to kinky-toy usage, here’s how men get down and dirty during the most wonderful time of the year.
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You Could Win an All-Gay Ptown Celebrity Cruise for 2

vacaya cruiseIf you’re in need of a serious gaycation this year, you’re in luck. You could be boarding one of the top-notch gay cruises of 2019! We’ve partnered with the gay travel experts at Vacaya to give away the hottest all-gay Ptown Cruise for two aboard the 5-Star Celebrity Summit Ship. Vacaya’s Inaugural 7-Day Ptown Cruise is the largest all-LGBT+ cruise to ever sail to and overnight in Provincetown, MA. On top of Vacaya’s thrilling gay cruise parties, this Ptown Cruise will feature exciting celebrity headliners, such as Kristin Chenoweth, Katharine McPhee, Lesli Margherita, Alex Newell and Leslie Jordan.

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Men Wearing Kilts? They Know Something You Don't

Have you been noticing more men wearing kilts lately? They actually know something that you don't. Or more importantly, they know something that you probably haven't enjoyed yet. In essence, these men wearing kilts get to experience the best design ever invented when it comes to comfort. How you feel walking around in public with those joggers is unmatched to the feeling of mens kilts.

men wearing kilts

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Everything You Need to Know about Cormac Murphy Model

Some call him Cormac Murphy. Others know him as the “Irish Zac Efron.” You might also know him as that hot tatted Irish guy from CBS’s Love Island USA. You’ve seen Cormac Murphy model Differio’s must-have items, but there’s so much more to him than a pretty face and killer abs. From Differio to Love Island, here’s everything you need to know about Irish model Cormac Murphy.

cormac murphy

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Hairy Vs. Hairless: Guide To Manscaping Your Balls (& More)

About half of the men in America aren’t sure how to feel about body hair. In a recent survey, 47% of men said they couldn’t decide if body hair was a good or bad thing. Manscaping trends are constantly seesawing between the completely waxed look and the hairy lumberjack look to the point where you just want to chuck your razor out the window because you can’t decide what’s in and what’s out. Instead of stressing over what you can’t control, take advantage of your naturally bushy or barren body by enhancing those features – not hiding them. Super hairy men shouldn’t be afraid to go shirtless on the beach and show off their woolly backs. Being a hairy or not-so-hairy man shouldn’t be a “good” or “bad” thing. It’s just the way you are, and what matters most is being happy with your body.

Hairy Vs. Hairless

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10 Fun Things To Do When It’s Not Gay Pride Month

The hype from Gay Pride Month might be sizzling down, but that doesn’t mean the pride festivities have to end once June is over. You can actually keep supporting the LGBTQI community throughout the other eleven months while doing something you love. Donating to non-profit charities is definitely impactful, but sometimes it’s more fun getting involved with a hobby, like running a 5K or visiting a winery. You don’t need to be on a huge budget either to make a difference. We’ve compiled a versatile list of fun, gay-friendly things to do, so you can keep the energy of Gay Pride Month alive all year round.

gay pride

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Male Bunnies In Wild Photo Shoot For Spring Collection

Move over Playboy – these sexy male bunnies are taking over men’s fashion fast and hard. Differio is going full throttle into spring this year with our version of haute bunny boys in our newest spring outfits. The launch of our spring/summer 2017 collection includes the latest streetwear styles along with some new independent designers from across the world. You'll discover the wildest pieces that are perfect for everything on your spring agenda, like Easter parties, weddings, outdoor festivals, and everything in between. Are you ready to be the most original guy this spring? 

male playboy

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Men In Kilts: 10 Random Facts You Didn’t Know

Men are ditching their pants for a leggier trend that looks even better styled with a leather jacket and combat boots. Since the 17th Century, kilts for men have served as a crotch-less alternative for shorts and trousers. Today’s kilt fashion is redesigned with cargo pockets, which makes it more practical to wear virtually anywhere, especially without the weight of a sporran on your groin. Whether you’re at the office or grabbing a beer, the likelihood of witnessing men in kilts is expanding far beyond the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands. As cool as today’s modernized version looks, the traditional kilt will always remain a classic in menswear. In tribute to this iconic garment, here are 10 random and thought-provoking facts you probably didn’t know about kilts. 

Men in Kilts

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The Art of Manliness: Weird Tips To Be Irresistible

James Bond is the classic example of an irresistible man that personifies the art of manliness. He’s a well-dressed man with a neat shave, and knows all the right things to say at exactly the right moment. Basically, the modern-day gentleman that makes women (and men) weak at the knees. As idealistic as this man sounds, we have to remind ourselves that Mr. 007 is only a fictional character on the silver screen. For decades, we’ve looked up to this pop culture icon for his savoire faire, quick wit, and impossibly handsome looks, but living in an Octopussy fantasy and smooth talking in puns is just not realistic. Being an irresistible man in the real world is more about being confident with whom you are over knowing how to shoot guns while wooing your lady sidekick.

art of manliness

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