About half of the men in America aren’t sure how to feel about body hair. In a recent survey, 47% of men said they couldn’t decide if body hair was a good or bad thing. Manscaping trends are constantly seesawing between the completely waxed look and the hairy lumberjack look to the point where you just want to chuck your razor out the window because you can’t decide what’s in and what’s out.

Instead of stressing over what you can’t control, take advantage of your naturally bushy or barren body by enhancing those features – not hiding them. Super hairy men shouldn’t be afraid to go shirtless on the beach and show off their woolly backs. Being a hairy or not-so-hairy man shouldn’t be a “good” or “bad” thing. It’s just the way you are, and what matters most is being happy with your body.

Hairy Vs. Hairless

From your beard to your pubes, we’ve listed some ways both hairy and hairless men can look red-carpet ready by working with their natural features. You’ll find manscaping tips on how to stay comfortable and clean, while also considering what your partner might want, especially when it comes to pubic hair.

Whether you’re looking for a new look or just experimenting, here’s our grooming guide so you can make your hairiest or most hairless features one of your best qualities. 

 The Facial Hair 

If You’re A Hairy Man:

You’re the king of Movember. Your face looks good with just about any beard length because your facial hair grows out so full and even. The problem is the maintenance that comes with grooming a full beard

Try a beard kit for easy and affordable beard care without spending hours searching for individual men's grooming products. Just like the hair on your head, your beard can get smelly, which is especially bothersome if you have a partner. Keep your beard fresh and fluffy by shampooing it regularly. If you’re prone to dry skin or beard dandruff, you can avoid flaking by moisturizing with beard oil (an item that’s usually included in beard kits). Make it a habit to shave stray hairs instead of plucking them because tweezing can lead to inflammation and ingrown hair.

If You’re A Hairless Man:

Whether or not you’ve always wanted a beard, growing one is pretty much impossible for you. Instead of loading up on magical “beard growing pills” that most likely sound too good to be true, go all out and pamper your baby-smooth face for the most irresistible complexion. 

Everyone has different skin problems, so you should wash and moisturize your face daily with products designed to target your specific needs, like dryness, acne, blackheads or large pores. You don’t have facial hair to hide wrinkles, so an SPF face lotion is a must to avoid sun damage that can cause fine lines and dark spots. Try the Context Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 that works best with combination and oily skin.

Context 1

Aside from prepping your skin, bleaching facial hair is an easy way to mask any stray facial hair at home without the pain of waxing. It’s easy to miss patches of hair while shaving, especially if your beard hair is so fine. You can find beard bleach at any pharmacy to achieve uniform results for a barely-there beard look.

 The Body Hair 

If You’re A Hairy Man:

When you’re at the beach, your body hair probably looks something like that hairy swimsuit that’s going viral, except yours isn’t graphically printed on Lycra.

First, you can’t do your body hair justice unless you treat your skin right. The best way for hairy dudes to groom their bodies is by using an exfoliator that’ll scrub away any dirt that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Simply apply the exfoliator all over your arms, legs, chest, stomach, back and any other areas you feel needs an extra scrub down.

So, what should you trim and what should you leave alone? According to a recent survey by YouGov on personal grooming, chest and back hair were the areas that both men and women agreed should be removed. To keep a neat appearance, you can use an electric trimmer to regularly trim your chest hair to your desired length.

On the other hand, your back hair is a little more difficult to do alone with an electric trimmer – let alone dangerous. For a safer option, try applying a body hair dye all over your back that’s a shade lighter than your actual hair, so you can still maintain a bushy back that’s less obvious. However, if you’re dyeing your back hair, you’ll also need to dye your arms, legs, and armpits so the effect looks more natural. Keep in mind that if you have naturally dark hair, this might not look as natural compared to men with naturally light hair.

To keep your body feeling fresh, choose clothing made with lightweight fabric, especially for hot summer weather. Try shirts and pants made from mesh and cotton material instead of denim and leather to avoid unsightly pit stains and odor. Tank tops with a racerback design have wider armholes, so you can show off more arm hair and less sweat stains. If this isn’t enough, you can use clinical strength deodorant to keep your hairy underarms feeling fresh. Don’t forget that armpit fetishes are very real amongst men and women, so if you’re into that kind of thing you can always just leave it be and let it grow freely.

If You’re A Hairless Man:

Your issue isn’t so much about manscaping your body hair because you barely have any hair to manscape to begin with. What you can do is treat your skin with products that are actually designed for men with less body hair. 

First, sunscreen is a must to protect your exposed skin from harmful UV rays, especially if you’re spending all day at the beach or pool. After showering, you can keep your skin super smooth with a Hair Minimizing Body Hydrator by AB Crew. This moisturizer works best on shaved or waxed skin, so if you experience patchiness be sure to shave before application. Over time, a hair minimizer will thin out your body hair, so you can keep flaunting your smoothest skin ever.

ab crew 1ab crew 2

For a sexy effect, slather body oil all over your arms, legs, and chest to make your skin literally shine. Body oil isn’t just for muscular guys that want to show off their toned quads, but also for guys that experience dry skin. We recommend the AB Crew Shredding Oil because this product does just about everything you’d want from a body oil. You’ll reduce the appearance of cellulite, hydrate your skin with the benefits of Amazonian oil and smell amazing with their signature fragrance.

Just keep in mind that body oil will put that body part on display, like a spotlight, so avoid applying it on areas of your body that you’d rather not emphasize.  

 The Pubic Hair 

If You’re A Hairy Man:

You’ve probably scanned the web debating whether or not manscaping your pubes is healthy for men. At the end of the day, it’s really up to personal preference, as well as compromising with what your partner prefers.

Taking on the man bush doesn’t have to be uncomfortable ordeal, even for men with big balls in the middle of a heat wave. There are actually grooming gels designed to keep your balls cool and dry, like Below The Belt’s Fresh & Dry Balls. For excessive perspiration, use a powder formulated for “down there” or DIY-it like your Gramps did with all-natural cornstarch. 

When choosing underwear, it really depends on how you want to show off your dense pubes for your partner. If it’s purely about comfort, try underwear made from a breathable cotton blend, like these Patterned Boxer Briefs Mondrian by Modus Vivendi. For something more provocative, the Fringe Thong Roper by Gregg Homme is a great way to enhance the hairy look you’re going for.

MondrianFringe thong roper

If You’re A Hairless Man:

If you have a little less pubic hair than norm, take it as a blessing because you can pretty much pull off tiny swim briefs without much manscaping. Gropenmager, CEO of Uni K Wax Center told Inc. Magazine, “A waxed body provides an extra level of intimacy with your partner”. Some guys like the no-hair look down there because it makes the D look bigger, but it’s also about enhancing your sex life.

Since you’re not tackling a heavy bush, you can keep your balls groomed with a little trimming every once in a while to keep things looking tame. You can put your best sack forward with male hygiene products, like an intimate wash, for all-day freshness.

If you’re looking for sexy underwear, try briefs, thongs or jockstraps designed with see-through mesh to show off your junk, like our White Mesh See Through Briefs. Since you don’t have much pubic hair, you can pull off underwear with intricate accents without worrying about your pubes getting caught in grommets or studs (ouch). Try the leather Gregg Homme Octane Biker Jock made with a crisscross design on front for a sexy peek-a-boo effect.