The hype from Gay Pride Month might be sizzling down, but that doesn’t mean the pride festivities have to end once June is over.

You can actually keep supporting the LGBTQI community throughout the other eleven months while doing something you love. Donating to non-profit charities is definitely impactful, but sometimes it’s more fun getting involved with a hobby, like running a 5K or visiting a winery. You don’t need to be on a huge budget either to make a difference. We’ve compiled a versatile list of fun, gay-friendly things to do, so you can keep the energy of Gay Pride Month alive all year round.

gay pride

1. Wine and dine on a gay wine tour.

Everyone knows Napa Valley is wine country, but there are also gay-friendly wine tours and events around the world. From New York to Argentina, attending a gay wine tour is a great way to meet people and support LGBT sommeliers and wineries from that area.

2. Learn something new at an LGBT museum.

Immerse yourself in gay culture by visiting an LGBT museum, like the National LGBT Museum in New York City or the GLBT History Museum in San Francisco. For art enthusiasts, the Leslie-Lohman Museum in New York City is home to thousands of gay and lesbian art exhibitions. Hours and suggested donations vary by location.

3. Go to a concert to support your favorite gay musician.

Support LGBT musicians, like Mika, Sam Smith and the Scissor Sisters, by attending their concerts when they’re in town. If you can’t afford it or just don’t have the time, buying their songs on iTunes is a cheaper alternative.

4. Eat at a gay chef’s restaurant or eatery. 

Embrace your inner foodie and pig out at an eatery owned by a gay chef or restaurant owner. Grab a cone at the Big Gay Ice Cream shop in New York City or indulge at Tout Sweet Patisserie in CA owned by Top Chef: Just Desserts winner, Yigit Pura.

5. Compete at a gay sporting event.

There are a ton of gay sporting and cultural events for jocks and fitness buffs, like the World Outgames. Keep an eye out for 5K’s in your area, escape to Aspen for Gay Ski Week, or dance for a cause at a gay dance benefit. If you’re not the athletic, gay sportsmen type, you can still participate by supporting your friends on the sidelines.

6. Treat yourself to a gay-friendly spa.

Although spas are usually on the pricier end, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth at an upscale retreat, like East Canyon Resort and Spa in Palm Springs, CA. Remember to do your research before booking a “gay-friendly” spa to ensure you’re investing your money at a premier location that’s actually gay-owned and operated.

7. Hit up gay circuit parties.

Even if Gay Pride Month is over, the party energy is never on pause. If you’re tired of the scene at your local gay bar, try hitting up gay circuit parties instead that donate their proceeds to worthy causes. The Purple Party in Dallas is known for raising millions of dollars towards HIV/AIDS.

8. Explore a gay-friendly city.

Whether you’re visiting the next town over or flying internationally, visiting a gay-friendly city is a fun way to support gay businesses while vacationing. Check out some gay tourism spots outside the U.S., like Montreal’s Village and Cologne’s gayborhoods in Germany.   

9. Attend an LGBT film festival.

You’ll be amazed at how many LGBT film festivals are running throughout the year, even after Gay Pride Month. The “big queer film festival list” on Queerfilmfestivals.org displays an exhaustive list of gay film fests around the world. Some of these festivals offer upgraded ticket passes if you’re looking for the VIP experience.

10.  Splurge on gay clothing.

Gay clothing is something you can wear all year, not just so you can stand out at Pride. If you love fashion, another way to support gay businesses is by shopping for gay menswear. When it comes to gay clothing, accessories and beyond, Differio is the premier online shop for staying on top of all the seasonal trends. We have a wide range of edgy designer looks for every taste in men’s fashion from punk to classic attire. You’ll find the sexiest pieces in gay underwear (regardless if you’re a top or bottom), like mesh briefs, leather jockstraps and kinky chaps. Get shredded with AB Crew’s fat-burning creams or treat your skin to Context’s quenching formulas. Check out new arrivals for all the latest items!