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Meggings + Leggings

Mens Leggings & Meggings | Mens Compression Pants

Shop for Men's Leggings: Mens Workout Leggings & Fashion Leggings

Tired of the same, old sweatpants? If you’re looking for the most modern workout pants, then you need to give meggings a shot. If you’ve never heard of meggings before, it’s just a shortened term for mens leggings (aka: male leggings). You probably also know these leggings for men as: mens compression pants, running tights or athletic tights. They’re designed in super stretchy, sweat-wicking spandex blends that’ll complement virtually any physical activity – weightlifting, running, dancing to cycling. Our men’s athletic tights aren’t just for pumping iron. You can actually improve your muscle tone in a flash with our muscle-enhancing line of mens compression pants by Maskulo. On top of mens workout leggings, we’re also stocked with the latest styles in mens fashion leggings that look just as trendy with casual streetwear. Check out our diverse collection of men’s leggings designed in solid colors, metallic sheens and standout patterns. From patriotic flags to military camo, you’ll definitely find the ultimate mens leggings to boost your activewear game.

If you’ve never tried on mens leggings before, you’re probably wondering what to wear with them. You can actually style mens workout leggings or compression tights the same way you’d style skinny sweatpants. Since men’s leggings fit like a second skin, it’s really about balancing your outfit with the right tops. For guys that want to wear mens compression pants purely for exercising, you can wear them with pretty much any graphic hoodie, tee or tank. On the other hand, when you’re styling mens fashion leggings, don’t be afraid to kick it up a notch. These fashionable tights for men look even better paired with combat boots, longline tees and bomber jackets. Whether you’re working on your triceps or your gym-selfie game, our cool leggings and meggings will keep every early riser and hardcore athlete motivated to get fit.

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