airport hookups 

Airport hookups don’t only have to be about those no-strings-attached flings. With travel dating apps readily available, you can actually plan to meet people at the airport or on your flight as your making your destination. Not just for frequent flying businessmen and wanderlusting soul-searchers, airport hookups are a great way to kill time while waiting for your flight. If you’re one of many single men that have failed miserably on the Tinder/Grindr playing field or just don’t have the time, there’s no shame in trying a new style of dating that’ll actually fit with your busy lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to meet people at the airport without feeling like everything is up in the air.

1. Boarding Games

We do it all the time – we see that attractive guy or girl while travelling and don’t know how to approach them without feeling creepy. Instead of spending all your efforts mustering the courage to introduce yourself, now you can avoid the awkward scenario entirely and plan your airport hookups in advance with free travel dating apps. Wingman and AirDates allow you to chat with people in-flight or at the terminal with a similar platform as Tinder or Grindr. If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, Lounger will allow you to connect with fellow travelers while gaining access to airport lounges.

2. Be En-gauge-ing

Although dating apps take the edge off of approaching people face to face, online dating can only take you so far in airport hookups. Spark a conversation by offering to help with their luggage or keeping some mints on hand (you may need it yourself!). Instead of panicking because your phone is running low on battery, take advantage of this opportunity to ask for a charger or offer them your own. If you’re preparing for a long flight, you can fuel the conversation with your reasons for travelling and destination plans. Don’t forget to ask questions, so the conversation isn’t only about "me, myself, and I". Most importantly, relax and be yourself. There’s nothing sexier than someone that’s comfortable in his or her own skin.

3. Best Dressed

Make sure to arrive at the airport looking presentable to make a good first impression. As tempting as it is to grab those airplane sweats, you can still fly comfortably in a stylish ensemble. A fitted dress shirt paired with  jeans will keep your casual style on point without looking over or under dressed. Despite booking a red eye flight, there’s nothing a few ounces of grooming products and a couple of eye drops can’t fix. If you happen to hit it off, you can never be too prepared with a decent pair of boxer briefs. Modus Vivendi designs one of the edgiest men’s underwear lines, so you can be prepared for any kind of unexpected “turbulence”. You can check out Differio’s grooming and clothing sections for more skincare and style ideas. 

4. Dating on the Fly

Unless you’re trapped in one of those middle-of-nowhere airports, a majority of terminals have restaurants and bars ideal for dates. If you’re in the New York area, we recommend JFK’s BRKLYN Beer Garden at Terminal 2 or LaGaurdia’s Biergarten at Terminal C. For west coasters, Oakland International’s Pyramid Ale Taproom at Terminal 2 offers a fine selection of craft beers. If you’re catching an early flight, coffee shops are a great daytime alternative for airport hookups.

5. Going Steady

The best part about airport hookups is the simple fact that you may never have to run into this person – ever. Don’t be afraid to ask about their hotel accommodations or commuting plans. You can keep flying on cloud nine by making further plans together at your destination or even offering a cab ride.

On the other hand, if you’re experiencing dating difficulties, safely flee the scene at the nearest exit.