How to Get a Big Fat Bubble Butt for Guys Stuck at Home

What’s the secret on how to get the perfect bubble butt for men? You betta work.

Did you know that you’re one of thousands of guys interested in “how to get a bubble butt for men” based on Google’s search data? From men's enhancing underwear to chart-topping A$$ songs, bubble butts are more than just a ~trendy~ physical trait in today’s pop culture. Medical studies show that the glute muscles also provide back support and improve sprint performance, so whipping dat booty into shape will also be doing your body good. 

Keep in mind, your genetic body type also affects how “fat” your butt looks. The gluteus maximus is the largest rear-end muscle that creates the most visible shape of your butt, and is also shaped by the amount of fat surrounding that area. All bodies are built differently, which is why unfortunately it’s easier for some and harder for others to get that sought-after peachy shape. As long as you’re putting in consistent work, you’ll at the very least get a stronger booty that’s more lifted and toned.


Since gyms aren’t easily accessible for everyone right now (considering the pandemic), we’ve compiled some of the most effective booty-building moves that can be done at home without equipment. You can do 3-5 sets of 15-20 reps depending on your fitness level. 

Once you’ve finished the routine, scroll down and treat yo’ self with our most bootylicious picks to show off that sexy bubble butt. 

how to get a big bubble butt

  • Bulgarian Split Squat 

You’ll need a knee-level bench, chair or table that you can safely rest one of your feet on. With your torso upright, stand in a lunge position and elevate your back foot onto the chair. Lower yourself into a deep lunge position while maintaining your balance, and repeat the motions. Make sure your front knee does not pass your toes. 

WANT IT HARDER? Start in a wider lunge stance with your front foot further from the bench. You can also hold dumbbells by your sides, or hold a barbell behind your neck.

  • Hip Thrust

Find a bench or firm couch that you can stably rest your back against. Sitting on the floor, rest your back against the edge of the bench or couch with your feet shoulder-width apart. Extend your hips off the floor in an upward motion until your back and knees form a 90 degree angle, and squeeze your glutes hard. As you lower your back, slowly relax your glutes and repeat the motion. 

WANT IT HARDER? Place a resistance band around your knees, or rest a dumbbell or barbell against your hips. 

  • Lying Clamshell

Recommended for anyone with knee pain, start by lying on your side with your legs stacked on top of each other and bent at a 45 degree angle. You can rest your head flat on top of your arm on the floor or propped up in your hand. Raise only your top knee as high as you can and squeeze your glutes hard while stabilizing your pelvis. Relax it down in controlled movements.

WANT IT HARDER? Try wrapping a resistance band around your knees for added intensity. 

  • Jump Squat

Unlike the traditional static squat, the jump squat adds an extra calorie burn that’s just as important for building a toned bubble butt. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your hips into a standard squat position, push off the balls of your feet, and jump as high as you can in an explosive motion. 

WANT IT HARDER? Hold dumbbells at your sides, or jump onto a higher platform (bench, stairs, etc.). 

  • Figurehead

Lie on your stomach and keep your arms at your sides. Lift your chest and feet off the floor so you form a U shape with your body. At the top of the move, squeeze your glutes as hard as you can and hold for several seconds before relaxing. Avoid letting your feet and chest touch the floor. 

WANT IT HARDER? Maintain the hold longer. Don’t let your chest and feet completely rest on the floor in between reps. You can also place a resistance band around your ankles.




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How to get a big butt for guys


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