MANHATTAN, N.Y., New York is undoubtedly the urban fashion capital of the world. However, only a few e-commerce fashion companies are based there; many are situated abroad (London, Italy, Stockholm), and even stateside, large retailers often choose other locales including San Francisco and even Ohio.

While this may be good for a company's bottom line, it results in it being removed from the New York menswear fashion scene, the epicentre of the fashion world. Differio.com, knowing that to be a trendsetter one must exist where trends are created, is bringing a unique and exciting but decidedly New York approach to menswear out of their Manhattan offices.

Differio's mission goes far beyond simply selling clothes - they seek to inspire fashion lovers by being different. This is most evident in the lines carried. While the most fashion-forward larger brands such as French Connection (FCUK), Lavenham London and Canadian brand Gregg Homme are included, the lion's share are from emerging independent labels and designers. New York is represented by the Jetlag USA brand along with Austerlich Grizzly and Glimms, which are both exclusively carried by Differio. Other exclusives include LA brands such as James Calehan, Waiquiri, and The Hot Child Junk as well as Daniel Patrick and Civil Society. Differio introduces to the USA market the wildly popular Staff Jeans & Co brand from Greece. Differio also offers Italy's Lost & Found, MC2 St Barth, the Spanish brand Punto Blanco and many more. With one of the widest selections in menswear online shopping, fashion lovers can now buy the most stylish of not just jeans, trousers, shirts and jackets---but also sweaters and knitwear, blazers and suits, activewear, beachwear, vintage clothing, accessories, high fashion underwear like the daring Gregg Homme line---and everything in between.

This dedication to innovation doesn't stop with the product. One look at Differio.com will make it clear this isn't your stereotypical e-commerce company. With a new style of photography and its own unique look, the website resembles no other out there. Daring, edgy and bold, it states that Differio has no interest in what others are doing---instead, the company is looking to make a new path all its own. "Why do all e-commerce websites have to look the same?" wonders Differio Chairman CEO Jimmy Chrabieh.

"Why do all models have to stand straight? Men's ideas about shopping, clothing and fashion are changing. We want to be the website that caters to their needs. Today the customer needs originality; a new offering, but at an affordable price. These are clothes for men who are not afraid to show their identity; men who are original and trendsetters."

Differio is New York fashion - but most importantly, Differio is Fashion Different.