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Lipstick for Men | Men's Lipstick

Discover Nude Lipstick, Clear Lipstick & More:

Are you tired of dull lips? You can actually brighten your pout with our range of lipstick for men. From red to nude lipstick, we’ve got a variety of shades that’ll make your pout visibly brighter. All it takes is a swipe of male lipstick to achieve that healthy flush of color. Our lip makeup collection includes tried-and-true lip products that’ll deliver results. Among our natural looking lipstick, we carry clear, nude, and matte lipstick for men that leave the most discreet and subtle finish. For bolder lips, you can also shop for men’s lipstick in eye-catching shades of neon pink to burgundy red. All of our lip products are designed to enhance the look of your naturally masculine features so you can rock the most kissable lips. Soon, you too can be one of those men wearing lipstick like it’s no big deal.

If you’re still new to men’s makeup, you might be feeling a little lost as to where to start with lipstick for men. First, don’t be intimidated by men’s lipstick – or even makeup in general. When it comes to lip makeup, it’s really as easy as choosing a color that fits your unique complexion and applying it properly. For guys going after the subtlest effect, you’ll love our color-changing clear lipstick for men that changes color according to your unique pH levels. For a more noticeable pout, you’ll want to go after men’s lipstick in bright red tones to draw more attention to your lips. It’s also important to keep in mind that most lip products can leave a sheeny finish, even if you’re wearing clear lipstick. So if you’re looking for a completely nude lipstick, it’s best to find shades with a matte finish – aka: shine free. If men lipstick products just aren’t for you, then give our other men’s makeup products a shot, like guyliner or foundation.

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