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Jeans are one of the trickiest items to buy when it comes to finding the perfect fit, color and style. The best jeans for men are from brands that are consistent with their sizes while providing the latest denim styles. So where does every in-the-know guy in fashion actually shop for the trendiest jeans? We got all the juicy details with denim expert, Mario Leonardi, on where to find the ultimate jeans based on quality, design and innovation. Here’s the countdown list of the top 10 best jeans for men and why you need them in your life ASAP.

These are the top 10 best jeans for men revealed by a denim expert:

10. Takeshy Kurosawa

This may sound like an original Japanese brand, but Takeshy Kurosawa actually originates from Italy. This high fashion Italian brand produces jeans from fine denim textiles imported from Japan (get it?). Their philosophy is to create more than just cool jeans, but a fashionable lifestyle for every eccentric and daring man. 

9. Glimms

Although Glimms is fairly new to men’s fashion, they definitely know how to take jeans to the next level. Recently making its mark in the denim scene, Glimms is making edgy, New York City-inspired jeans available to men all over the world. From graphic prints to moto pleating, Glimms is one brand that knows what’s hot in streetwear denim. 

8. G-Star Raw

Heavily influenced by its Dutch roots, G-Star Raw combines contemporary trends with raw denim materials. Their claim to fame is their impressive craftsmanship with denim, especially fabricating jeans from raw denim. You know you’re wearing top-quality jeans when your pure denim pants have nothing to hide. 

7. Staff Jeans & Co

Staff Jeans Suspenders Ben for men

You can expect only chill vibes from Staff Jeans & Co. A brand steeped in its Greek roots, you’ll discover free-spirited jeans with European details. Their distressed jeans actually look better after several washes, which is just another reason to love this brand even more.

6. Red Bridge

You don’t have to fly halfway around the world to get high-quality European jeans. Red Bridge is a major denim brand from Istanbul that produces contemporary jeans inspired by European streetwear that’s hard to find in most American brands. These jeans are packed with Euro-cool details from graphic prints to destroyed accents.  

5. True Religion

Everything about True Religion shouts all-American from its Cali roots to signature horseshoe logo. Their inventive Super T stitch is why they’re a must amongst the top 10 best jeans for men for being both stylish and durable. True Religion jeans are great for the logo obsessed that love flaunting the latest and greatest on their back pockets. 

4. DSquared

Canadian identical twins, Dean and Dan, are the imaginative designers behind DSquared. Their brand is reputable for being adventurous and bold ideal for the guy that loves making a fashion statement. And who could love making a statement more than celebs? You know you’re wearing the good stuff if they’re Hollywood-approved by guys, like Justin Timberlake and Ricky Martin. 

3. Pascucci Jeans

It’s not a secret that Italy is one of the world’s fashion capitals, which is why Pasucci Jeans is one of the top 10 best jeans for men. This brand lives up to its name for producing some of the trendiest Italian jean styles in premium fabrics. What makes Pascucci so special is the fact that they actually have more than just traditional blue jeans. Their extensive collection of colored jeans is a refreshing way to add some serious color to any everyday outfit. 

2. Diesel

Since 1978, Diesel is known for being the denim industry’s heavyweight. Any successful brand that can actually stand the test of time is a sign that their jean styles are just as timeless. Their collection includes a dizzying variety of over 100 style/fit combos, which makes it all the more easier to find those elusive jeans that feel like it was custom made for your bod. 

1. Kingz Jeans

Kingz Jeans easily deserves its name as the king of jeans. They’ve mastered what it means to create a truly unique denim design, like the Screwballer jeans with a fly made from screws and nuts. You honestly feel like you’re wearing a handcrafted masterpiece in Kingz Jeans, which is what the heart of fashion is all about.