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All prices are displayed in US dollars. 

PAYMENT METHODS accepts a variety of payment methods. Check the payment methods below to find out more:

PAY BY CARD    credit-cards    

We accept all Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Discover cards. International credit cards bearing these logos are also accepted. We are unable to accept international phone or email orders or transfers.


We accept PayPal payments. You need to have a PayPal account to use this method.

We do not store credit card information on our web server after your order has been processed. This significantly reduces the chances of online credit card fraud. Personal information that you provide to us is maintained in secured and private files on our internal systems. For more info on security and privacy, please read our Security and Privacy policy .


We accept Google Pay. You need to have a Google Pay account to use this method. After entering your shipping information at Differio's checkout page, select Google Pay as your payment method and click on “Buy with Google Pay” to proceed. The payment will be processed using the debit or credit card linked to your Google Pay account.


We accept Apple Pay. You must set up Apple Pay on your phone to use this method. When you’re ready to pay for the items in your cart, you may select Apple Pay as your payment method. You will be prompted to select your shipping address and shipping method. Once set, click on Pay. The payment will be processed using the supported card linked to your Apple Pay account.


We accept e-gift cards issued by as a form of payment. You must enter the card’s code at checkout. E-gift cards are valid for 1 year from the date issued; any remaining balance after 1 year will be canceled. If your purchase was less than the value of the e-gift card, the remaining balance will be saved for future spend until the total amount is used. Purchases exceeding the value of the e-gift card must be paid using another valid payment method.


Sales Tax is applied to your order in accordance with individual state and local regulations if your shipping address is in a state where retail stores, company establishments or one of our partners are located. For this reason, sales tax might be added to your merchandise total and displayed on the payment page of the cart.


To place an order on behalf of a tax-exempt organization or individual, please complete your order and Contact Us. You will need to provide proof of exemption status for the state/province where the product is being shipped. The organization or individual name on the order must exactly match the state tax-exempt certificate. Alternatively, please provide a copy of your passport, diplomat ID and the phone number of your office so we can verify eligibility.

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