These men wearing kilts have been enjoying it for centuries, literally.

Have you been noticing more men wearing kilts lately? They actually know something that you don't. Or more importantly, they know something that you probably haven't enjoyed yet. In essence, these men wearing kilts get to experience the best design ever invented when it comes to comfort. How you feel walking around in public with those joggers is unmatched to the feeling of mens kilts.

men wearing kilts

So, where did the kilt come from?

Well, it's often synonymous with Scottish culture. The Scottish kilt has a rich history. Early designs of kilts were made with monochromatic-colored garments, like brown, white, green and black. The plaid or checkered patterns the world is familiar with came around the 1800s when weaving techniques improved. Of these advancements, the use of tartan cloth was added. These tartan patterns are what we know today as the iconic plaid.

What exactly do these men wearing kilts have?

The coziness of the kilt is what they have over us. Yes, it looks comfortable, but do you really know how much? Men don't realize the satisfying nature of mens kilts. Think of your most comfortable pair shorts, then multiply that times a hundred. Kilts give a ton of breathing room down there. It’s like having an entire football stadium down your shorts. It's an enjoyable amount of space for your prized jewels.

In addition, kilts for men are an excellent choice when you want something cool – literally. Circulation of air easily passes through your legs and pelvic region. For warmer climates, this is a luxury. In addition, it’s extremely easy to maneuver in. Shorts and pants can be restricting in many ways, but a kilt will never be. It’s arguably the most premium clothing piece if comfort is essential to you.

Kilts are very practical, especially for men who love the outdoors.

These men wearing kilts know something that you don't when it comes to being practical. Men who have never worn kilts don't know that the material is actually more durable than most shorts. Additionally, it can be more practical than your best utility belt, especially for those who work in construction and are required to move a lot.

In addition, for any situation that requires you to carry tools, wearing a utility kilt is a great advantage. For instance, these kilts for men are usually designed with deep pockets to hold anything. Moreover, compartments can be altered on a kilt. Unlike cargo shorts, hooks and pouches can be easily added to hold your essentials. These pouches can also be detached, unlike shorts. You can also incorporate clasps, hooks and key chains. For men who work the outdoors, it’s an upgraded version of cargo shorts with an added level of supreme comfort.

I already know what you're thinking. What do you wear underneath?

An article by The Sun claims that different men in kilts have their own preferences, but the old school Scotsmen typically wore nothing underneath. This may be impractical for modern times, but there's essentially no rules to this. Most men these days do wear underwear or some kind of shorts underneath. In a nutshell, it's whatever tickles your... fancy!

It's function over fashion.

However, that is not to say that kilts for men aren’t cool. In fact, they are extremely stylish. Think about it, there’s a reason why it’s been around for so long. There's probably no one in the world who doesn’t know what a kilt is.

Need proof? Recently, Differio actually conducted a survey of 344 people. Of the group, 23% said they wear kilts all the time, 33% wear it for special occasions, 27% want to try it, and only 16% don't wear them at all. This is no surprise since today's market includes a wide range of options based on your preference. Different fabrics, materials and components are now added to the modern-day kilt. A range of new designs, colors and textures have now been introduced.

If you’re celebrating St. Patrick's Day or want to dress like celebrity models in kilts, then look no further. In some cultures, a kilt is a sign of high class. Much like a tuxedo, it is highly regarded as a classy clothing piece. Whether you’re feeling experimental or just tired of basic shorts, why not give it a shot? Your crotch will thank you for it!

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