Men Are Naughtiest During Xmas Than Any Other Holiday

Men are actually the naughtiest during the winter holidays compared to the rest of the year. 

There’s a reason the holiday season is called the “most wonderful time of the year” – and it’s not because cheery holiday songs are playing on repeat. Christmas is actually one of the most underrated holidays for getting laid and getting wasted, even more than Halloween and Valentine's Day. Between all the parties and booze, it’s only a matter of time until someone you know is either hooking up or throwing up in the bathroom. We found out exactly how men spend Christmas doing naughty things – most of which they’ve probably regretted. Scroll down to see if you’re part of these naughty findings.


  • American men actually drink more than women during the holidays. The average number of drinks consumed by men is 3.6, compared to the 2.7 drinks consumed by women.
  • Roughly 7.7% of men have admitted to blacking out during the winter holidays.
  • The winter holidays are the most popular season right now for having sex, even more than Valentine’s Day.
  • Twice as many condoms are sold the week before Christmas compared to the week after.
  • Christmas is actually the most popular time for cheating. 57% of pollers admitted to cheating with a coworker at a holiday party, and 46% continued the affair even after the holidays.
  • The holidays are the peak time for sex toy usage, with 47% of people more likely to experiment with kinky gadgets.
  • The most cases of sex-related penile trauma actually occur in December.
  • IT (63%) and HR (56%) are the top two professions that are most likely to hook up with a colleague during the holiday party.
  • The most popular male names – in order – that are most likely to cause mischief at the office holiday parties are: John, Mike, Jim, Tom, and Matt.
  • Men are 34% more likely than women to search for Christmas-related porn. The top 3 searches by men are: Christmas pov, Christmas blowjob and Christmas milf.


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