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Human cause

Committed to liberal expression, art, ecology and racial equality. DIFFERIO encourages the Individual freedom associated with artistic lifestyles and a tendency towards self-creation and art experimentation as opposed to popular mass opinions and stereotypes. We also support the struggle to eliminate oppression and discrimination based on sex or sexual orientation, sexual oppression, abuse, and violence in our personal lives.

And when it comes to the environment, we support animal welfare by sourcing animals bred only for consumption. We try integrating environmental considerations into our processes moving towards sustainability. Our goals into three areas: resource smart, eco-inspired design, and community-driven participation. To be a leader requires us to change, and the changes to our environmental goals and programs will give us something ambitious to shoot for and a way of hitting our targets. We hope with our continuing efforts we can truly make a difference.

Independent designers

In an effort to give our customers easy access to unique designs by emerging and independent designers, and most importantly to help fresh designers gain exposure throughout the fashion community. At DIFFERIO we are always in the search for fresh talents from around the globe. We’ve done our best to create a fair and equitable program for independent designers, giving them a window to promote and grow their business. At DIFFERIO designers receive a high margin on the design sale price and retain full rights to their designs.


We also promote our featured designers work in different ways. Some designs are chosen to be featured in our main landing page, some are chosen to be featured in our weekly emails, and some designers have been interviewed on our podcast. We put up new designs every week and heavily promote them through our social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and more. Our staff also promotes the program on our blog, where staff members talk about the upcoming designer. All of these advertising efforts have had a significant increase in sales for designs featured, and continue to grow awareness for the designer him/herself. Our portfolio of designers include over 70 designers among them a few that we played a major role in their startup success.




Value proposition

Our value proposition is a description of the experiences each user realizes before, upon and after purchase and use of our products. It is in our foundation to understand how the whole purchasing experience will realistically be valued by each customer of ours; emphasizing on perfecting touchpoints, from our website interaction, to receiving the product and assessing the product quality and price.

We live in a digital world of constantly changing dynamics. Everyday new websites are created. With an invasion of untrusted markets, some websites have found ways to take money without ever sending any product or forwarding inferior goods.

In addition to the untrusted websites, good quality products are becoming more expensive, and cheap products sometimes equates for cheap quality. At DIFFERIO, we believe that more expensive does not always mean better and cheap is not necessarily bad. We bring to our customers, competitive products of enhanced quality altogether with a great shopping experience. With amazing values we measure the relative success of our platform, not only in revenues, but also in maximizing client satisfaction.


Trend lab

trend pictureAt, we study fashion trends around the world, across all fashion sectors, from concept designs to retail shops, we know what’s happening, what’s trending, and what’s not. 

Our style audits and analysis of trends span the globe, to give you the best in fashion designs. 

From Tokyo to Paris, London to Beirut, Milano to New York, from worldwide fashion shows and exhibitions, we go wherever innovation emerges,   to discover new designers, to be informed, learn and set fashion trends for the only few. That’s why differio is fashion different.


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