James Bond is the classic example of an irresistible man that personifies the art of manliness. He’s a well-dressed man with a neat shave, and knows all the right things to say at exactly the right moment. Basically, the modern-day gentleman that makes women (and men) weak at the knees. As idealistic as this man sounds, we have to remind ourselves that Mr. 007 is only a fictional character on the silver screen. For decades, we’ve looked up to this pop culture icon for his savoire faire, quick wit, and impossibly handsome looks, but living in an Octopussy fantasy and smooth talking in puns is just not realistic. 

art of manliness

Being an irresistible man in the real world is more about being confident with whom you are over knowing how to shoot guns while wooing your lady sidekick. You should take pride in your personality quirks and unique physical features because these are what set you apart from a billion other men trying to be “that” guy. Here are some easy and unconventional tips on how you can be an irresistible guy by just being you.

1. Do: Reveal your feminine side.

Tapping into your feminine side doesn’t make you any less of a man. It’s actually a really attractive quality because it shows you’re comfortable enough in your own skin to pull off looks that aren’t normally pegged as masculine. You can try experimenting with popular trends, like the man bun, guyliner or kilts, but always do so with the utmost confidence. The way you carry yourself is a huge factor in making a new trend work for you. If you’re going to wear a tartan kilt off-holiday, own the hell out of it because there's nothing sexier than sheer confidence. 

2. Do: Geek out over your favorite subject.

Showing someone that you’re passionate about something makes you seem that much more knowledgeable and intelligent. While six packs are by no means undesirable, at the end of the day your stomach muscles aren’t the ones that’ll be doing the talking. It's a turn-on when a man knows what he’s talking about, especially when it’s done with conviction and enthusiasm. It doesn’t matter if your life passion is football, shoes, or even chipmunks – just share it like you mean it. 

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3. Do: Embrace your personality quirks.

Maybe you occasionally snort when you laugh or you can’t sleep without watching an episode of Friends. Every man has an idiosyncrasy that makes him, well, human, and that’s OK. It’s kind of like when you’re watching a movie and you start to love the main character because they have the same strange habits as you. Your quirks are what make you seem more relatable, and everyone appreciates someone they can easily relate to.

4. Do: Take pride in a unique, physical feature.

The art of manliness isn’t just about looking like a living replica of a Greek statue. Sometimes, features that aren’t considered stereotypically “Hollywood hot” could actually be a turn-on for someone else. This is definitely easier said than done because who doesn’t have an imperfection they’re a little insecure about? Whether it’s your freckles, scar, or crooked tooth, owning up to it shows you don’t dictate your physical appearance around what other people think of you.

5. Do: Try new things, even if you’re really, really bad at it.

Bad dancer? No problem. Suck at sports? No problem. Can’t draw? No problem. Trying new things regardless of your level of expertise shows that you’re a good sport and have a sense of humor. We’re not saying to be bad at everything on purpose, but don’t put yourself down either for not being the best. No man is perfect, and that’s really irresistible.