Men in Kilts

Men are ditching their pants for a leggier trend that looks even better styled with a leather jacket and combat boots. Since the 17th Century, kilts for men have served as a crotch-less alternative for shorts and trousers. Today’s kilt fashion is redesigned with cargo pockets, which makes it more practical to wear virtually anywhere, especially without the weight of a sporran on your groin. Whether you’re at the office or grabbing a beer, the likelihood of witnessing men in kilts is expanding far beyond the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands. 

As cool as today’s modernized version looks, the traditional kilt will always remain a classic in menswear. In tribute to this iconic garment, here are 10 random and thought-provoking facts you probably didn’t know about kilts.

1. It’s believed that a “true Scotsman” doesn’t wear underwear under his kilt.

In 2016, a survey on YouGov put this belief to the test by asking what Scottish men today actually wear under their kilt. The results: 55% said they wear underwear, 38% said they wear nothing, and 7% said they wear shorts/other. So, don’t feel kilty if you’ve ever gone commando.

2. A knee beauty contest is an actual competition in the Highland Games.

Bonnie Knees is a traditional contest that involves blindfolding three women that will judge the knees of men in kilts. Using only their sense of touch, men are judged based on how handsome their knees feel. It’s all in good fun.

3. Research shows that men feel manlier when they’re wearing a kilt.

According to Dr. Erwin Kompanje, there are psychological benefits of wearing a kilt. Studies show that men in kilts feel more confident and masculine because it attracts the opposite sex, which positively increases one’s self-awareness.

4. It’s kilt tradition to wear a dead animal head over your crotch.

Traditional kilt attire includes a sporran, which is a small pouch that’s worn around the waist and rests in the center of the groin. One variation is a “full mask sporran” made from taxidermy animal heads, particularly badgers, foxes, and small woodland animals.

5. If you want to see Italian men in kilts, just visit the Alps in Italy.

Gurro is a tiny village in northern Italy with a whopping population of approximately 200 residents. It’s said that the Scottish escaping the Battle of Pavia colonized this town 500 years ago. The locals are so heavily influenced by their descendants that even their surnames have Scottish roots, like Donaldi for MacDonald.

6. The kilts in Braveheart are actually historically inaccurate film costumes.

Braveheart portrays the First War of Scottish Independence, which took place in the 13th Century. Apparently, kilts weren’t popular until the 17th Century, but we still think William Wallace wouldn't be the same without a strapping kilt.

7. The dress code at a restaurant in Utah involves men in kilts carrying guns.

Sea Bears Ogden Fish House in Utah is popular for their fish and chips, and even more popular for their waiters in kilts bearing arms. Of course, only staff thoroughly trained on concealed weaponry are allowed to carry firearm.

8. The retail price of the world’s most expensive kilt is equivalent to roughly 6 laptops.

If you can afford a handful of Apple gadgets, you can probably afford the world’s most expensive kilt by Holland and Sherry. This textile company is renowned for producing the finest cashmere in the world. This luxury kilt is made from 100% Mongolian cashmere and retailed for approximately £5,000 ($6,230).

9. Scottish men are more likely than any other men in the world to search for kilt porn.

According to sources from Pornhub, Scottish men are 900% more likely to search for kilt-related porn. The top three most searched phrases were "Scottish kilt", "men in kilt" and "mini kilt skirt".

10. Differio sold a record-breaking number of kilts last spring.

In 2016, Differio sold over 2,000 kilts with the highest rate sold in the months of March-May. Translation: don’t wait last minute to buy a kilt this season. Be sure to check out our kilt collection for the most up-to-date styles, including the rainbow utility kilt, camo kilt and tartan kilt

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