Bomber Jackets

It’s hard to imagine street style this year without noticing at least one man pairing his Fashion Week’s best with a lightweight bomber. It’s obvious these designer jackets for men are having a major moment since its inception as the MA-1. Once shielding the backs of WWII pilots, mens bomber jackets are now hung in every luxury and fast fashion retail window. Being a staple in Kimye’s wardrobe and charting Google’s Fashion Trends Report are only a few things the bomber accomplished this year. Better yet, you don’t have to be sitting in a cockpit to own one today. From embroidered patches to military chic, here are the most-wanted bomber jacket trends worth dishing out the dough for.

1. Fringe

Fringe bomber jackets started trending long before Zayn Malik posed for Elle in that Givenchy leather aviator with the back-sweeping trim. While fringe is more commonly known as Coachella’s die-hard embellishment, it can easily transition as a statement accent on bombers. It lends a Western vibe to a jacket that’s usually paired with urban style staples, like high tops and graphic tees. As with all fringe-worthy pieces, this trim alone is what makes the jacket. The key to making this look work is following your instinct and keeping it simple.

black bomber jacket

2. Military

We’re giving you another reason to thank the U.S military. Thanks to the Aviation Clothing Board, we now have an uber trendy jacket that matches with just about everything in our closets. This jacket will give you all the feels bringing back the iconic Top Gun look. All the hype is about the olive green hue with (or without) an embroidered accent. You can’t go wrong in a jacket that’s gone down in Tom Cruise movie history.

3. Patched

It’s easy to feel like a really stylish kid in a patched bomber jacket. When 90’s revival happened, it was only a matter of time until patches became everyone’s “new” favorite accent on bombers. Yeezus took a more political approach with the embroidered confederate flag patch, but don’t worry about taking this trend too seriously. If you’re the DIY type, this is the perfect time to start patching your little heart out with the most neutral bomber jacket you can find.

4. Quilted

This is the furthest thing from your grandpa’s quilted jacket. Strategically designed with diamond stitching, this pattern is reminiscent of the classic equestrian jackets hailing from the U.K. Quilted bomber jackets are ideal for the minimalist that isn’t interested in gaudy details. However, don’t be mistaken for its subdued pattern. This mens bomber jacket packs a lot of punch as a versatile piece easily pairing with a suit pant or distressed jeans.

5. Oversized

The oversized trend: you either love it or hate it. Fans of Vetements swear by oversized bomber jackets. Others curse their genes for not being tall enough for a jacket with knee-length proportions on six-foot-tall models. However, this could be one of couture’s greatest outerwear trends to mankind. Reason number one: men can look as cool as an off-duty model. Reason number two: it’s an instant fix for feeling bloated (#winning).