What to Get a Guy for Valentine’s Day

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Men just want sex. We know it’s true.

Are you stumped on what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day? There are so many ways to go about spoiling that special person (or people…) from fine gourmet chocolates to aged steak dinners. Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-giving holiday right after Christmas, but there’s actually something else that most men would rather receive involving less reading and more action.

According to our Valentine’s Day poll results, 46% of men are expecting wild sex on V-Day. The second highest-polled answer was a romantic dinner, expected by 23% of men. The remaining 19% of men are still searching for their Valentine and 12% believe it’s just another day.

Additionally, 55% of men prefer receiving kinky stuff as Valentine’s Day gifts, beating chocolates/flowers (0%), gift cards (7%), clothing (14%), and even a romantic getaway (24%). These kinky mens valentines gifts can include everything from sexy underwear to adult toys to naughty games – whatever floats your boat. 

So, there you have it. Most guys are marking Feb. 14 on their calendars as the unofficial hump day. If you’re thinking about going the naughty route this year, we found some sexy V-Day gift ideas that’ll guarantee a happy ending for the both of you.

1.    Sexy Underwear

You really can’t go wrong with sexy V-Day underwear. If you’re looking for some hot foreplay, our Detachable Pouch Boxer Briefs has a sexy snap-button opening on the front that’ll let his junk hang out. For backdoor play, our Smuggler Jock Underwear with Pockets is an erotic hybrid of a fanny pack and jockstrap perfect for lap dances and, you know, more…

Pouch Boxer Briefs Smuggler Jock Underwear

naughty tips Naughty Gifting Idea: Gift wrap his underwear early and hide it in the trunk of his car before he leaves for work. Text him later that his V-Day surprise is waiting in his trunk.

2.    Leather Harness

Whether BDSM is your thing or you’re just experimenting this V-Day, it’s never too late to introduce a sexy harness in the bedroom. Masochists will get a kick out of our Leather Shoulder Harness with Spikes. You can dominate in our Prometheus Leather Chest Harness or be the submissive one in our Hooded Chest Harness.

Leather Chest Harness Leather Shoulder Harness Hooded Chest Harness

naughty tips Naughty Gifting Idea: You can surprise him with adult dice or naughty cards detailed with sex positions, body parts, and dirty commands to put that harness to use.

3.    Sporty Fetish Gear

You don’t need to be a gym buff to wear athletic fetish gear. Our CellBlock 13 Leather Fetish Shorts have that sporty look with the addition of a back zipper and contoured pouch. For a longer-length version, our Padded Faux Leather Leggings by Austerlich Grizzly also come with a back zipper, as well as built-in thigh and calf padding to enhance the look of your muscles.

Back zipper leather shorts Padded Faux Leather Leggings Padded Faux Leather Leggings

naughty tips Naughty Gifting Idea: Throw your own sports fetish party in your bedroom. Buy party lights. Blast some house music. Take some shots. Get real sweaty. 

4.    Themed Onesie

If you’re really into role-playing, a themed onesie is perfect for taking your fantasy one step further. Our Red Devil Onesie is not only the ultimate lounge piece, but it’s also detailed with sexy bum buttons great for any of your naughty ideas. For something with a little more untamed vibes, try our playful Bear Onesie or Bunny Onesie finished with foam ears and a pom-pom tail. 

Devil Onesie Bunny onesie Bear onesie

naughty tips Naughty Gifting Idea: Make the entire night about role-playing by booking a hotel room and pretending you’re guests that just met at the hotel bar. Make sure to pack your onesie.

5.    Towel Kilts

Thinking about booking a romantic spa getaway? There’s nothing like a long, hard, deep… massage to get you in the V-Day mood. Our Towel Wrap Kilts are perfect for hopping from the sauna to steam room to jacuzzi without worrying about your towel slipping off your hips. With a sexy side slit on one side, you can easily slip this Multipurpose Sports Towel on and off with the built-in buckle.

mens towel wrap sports towel

naughty tips Naughty Gifting Idea: Plan a happy-ending massage by turning your bedroom or bathroom into a relaxing oasis with aromatic candles, massage oils, and calming tunes. Don’t forget the lube.