Stylish Man

Top 10 Most Stylish Nations for Men:

Being crowned the most stylish nation means being able to keep up with its fast-paced environment. Their capitals are filled with more than just coffee shops and tourist brochures. Always ahead of yesterday’s fad, these are the countries that the rest of the world looks up to for next season’s collection. Fashion Week and couture have become ingrained in their culture to the point where even the streets are buzzing with the latest trends. You won’t find a man too afraid to flaunt a sneaker no one else is wearing. Rather, those are the shoes he’s hunting for. These are the most stylish nations with men that know how to dress to impress.

10. Japan

Japanese men are known for being well groomed (even their eyebrows are on fleek), but they’re also very style savvy. The crazed fashions of Tokyo is one of the reasons Japan is one of the most stylish nations. From clashing prints to classic pieces, these men are willing to take risks most men would be too intimidated to take on.

Famous Japanese Designers: Issey Miyake & Kenzo Takada (Kenzo)

9. Croatia

This small country has been vastly underestimated for its potential in the fashion industry. Croatia is a beautiful country with stylish menswear as striking as its men. Just take a look at Zagreb’s street style and you’ll discover an overwhelming mass of men that look like they’re ready for an editorial spread. Their charming looks only make their fashion sense that much more desirable.

Famous Croatian Designers: Boris Banovic & Damir Doma

8. Netherlands

There’s no reason a country as progressive as the Netherlands wouldn’t have some of the world’s most coveted fashions. Home of G-Star and Scotch & Soda, Dutch menswear knows how to take casual pieces to high fashion levels. You can easily spot a Dutchman rocking the latest denim trend matched with the perfect blazer. 

Famous Dutch Designers: Jos van Tilburg (G-Star) & Laurent Hompes (Scotch & Soda)

7. Sweden

Swedish men know how to prepare for their brutally cold climate with high fashion panache. Leaning on the conservative side, Scandinavian street style can be refreshingly simple in comparison to the overtly loud designs in its neighboring countries. The men of this most stylish nation are experts in making the most of minimalist style.

Famous Swedish Designers: Johnny Johansson (Acne) & Anton Sandqvist (Sandqvist)

6. Spain

Harboring some of the most iconic names in men’s fashion, Spain’s street style is as edgy as their runways. You can easily spot men of this most stylish nation wearing unlikely pairings that actually work, like trainers with a suit pant. From bright trousers to leather jackets, the menswear scene of Barcelona and Madrid is as bold and beautiful as their culture.

Famous Spanish Designers: Cristobal Balenciaga (Balenciaga) & Manolo Blahnik

5. USA

From east to west coast, American menswear is as diverse as the men that live here. This nation is teeming with show-stopping styles from vivid urban wear to monochromatic suit styles. There’s no telling what the men of America will wear next.

Famous American Designers: Michael Kors & Marc Jacobs

4. France

There’s no denying Frenchmen know how to dress to their hearts out. In the city of love where Coco Chanel’s atelier still stands, Paris is one of the world’s fashion capitals for menswear. Not only connoisseurs of ready-to-wear, there’s something undeniably romantic about their street style.

Famous French Designers: Yves Saint Laurent & Christian Dior

3. Lebanon

Lebanon is without a doubt one of the most stylish nations in the Middle East. This country is constantly growing as a fashion capital, as Beirut Fashion Week speaks for itself. This is a mecca of tall, dark, and handsome men that dress as if the world is their audience. 

Famous Lebanese Designers: Elie Saab & Georges Chakra

2. England

There’s a reason England is infamous for the English gentleman. These men know how to fashion tailored pieces into their casual wear and make it work. One glance at London’s street style reveals a parade of neat ensembles and contemporary street wear.

Famous English Designers: Alexander McQueen & Paul Smith

1. Italy

Menswear as passionate as their spirits, Italy is the most stylish nation for men. It’s rare to meet an Italian man that doesn’t care about his wardrobe. Always sharp and trendy, Milan is overflowing with some of the best-dressed men in the world. We have to admit they can dress just as well – or even better – than some of the women.

Famous Italian Designers: Giorgio Armani & Salvatore Ferragamo