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Duffle Bags

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Mens Duffle Bags | Shop for Mens Weekend Bag

Need a Gym Bag for Men? Explore our Duffels:

If you’ve got a weekend trip or 10-hour flight coming up, mens duffle bags are the best bags for stashing your goods. At Differio, we supply a chic-yet-resilient selection of designer duffle bags by international brands. More than just item holders, our men’s duffel bags are designed to make a lasting impression with a unique touch. Whether you need a mens leather duffle bag for work supplies or gym bag for men for sports gear, there’s a bag ideal for every modern man’s lifestyle. Explore our latest variety of mens duffle bags that’ll definitely earn you some style points for your top-notch taste. With its unmistakable silhouette, you can easily make any of our bags into a mens weekend bag, carry-on bag, or gym bag. On top of its versatility, our designer duffle bags are finished with trendy accents from brass circle studs to gently distressed leather. This way, you’ll always be carrying a trendy bag that’s worth hauling around. 

Can’t decide which of our mens duffle bags are right for you? We can help you find the ultimate accessory to keep your items in check. A duffel bag can easily be your go-to bag for your most important meetings or resort getaways. Travel lightly with a mens weekend bag that’ll fit a change of clothes, toiletries, and small electronics. Stick to your workout plan with a sporty gym bag for men so your protein bars are always on you. Keep a leather duffle bag handy for safekeeping your work laptop and business cards. You can even turn a standard gym bag into a mens overnight bag. That’s really the beauty of duffel bags. You can make it your own for whatever occasion you need it for. If you’re seeking out bags on the smaller side, try checking out our mens shoulder bags instead!

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