Every June, millions of people attend Pride parades across the U.S. in efforts to show their support for the LGBTQ community. It’s not only a month that commemorates the Stonewall riots, but also a celebratory time for everyone to join in peace and embrace their unique identities.

pride parade

If you’re attending this year’s march, you already know that half the battle is finding what to wear to Pride amidst the hundreds of gayified graphic tees, neon-colored wigs and glittery nipple pasties. Pride outfits are meant to be a celebration of whom you are, which is why so many people wear whatever they want. At the same time, it can be that much harder to stand out when everyone’s decked out in something wild, crazy and fun. You end up feeling like just another needle in a rainbow-colored haystack.

We feel the struggle. This is why we’re providing you with the most unique, impossible-to-ignore statement items that’ll make you shine brighter than a parade float. Whether you’re looking for that glorious piece to match with platforms or need a day-to-night outfit for an after party, here’s what to wear to Pride if want to get you noticed for your unapologetically fierce taste.

1. Patterned Rompers

Our mens rompers might not be the flashiest one-pieces, but they’re exclusively designed by Differio so you’ll be wearing a one-a-kind design. As fun as they look, they’re actually just as comfortable to wear because they’ve got a little extra stretch in the fabric. If you want to show off more skin, you can leave the front unbuttoned to let that “bear hair” breathe. 

2. Sequined Tank Tops 

Is it even a Pride parade if you don’t see at least one person rocking sequins? Sequins might come off a little New Year’s Eve-ish, but they’re just as fitting for any Pride event. If you’re looking for what to wear to Pride after parties, this black and silver sequin tank top by Modus Vivendi comes with matching sequined briefs that’ll add sexy glam.

3. Rainbow Kilts 

We’re all about ditching pants, but that doesn’t mean you need to walk around in a jockstrap either. Utility kilts make a bold statement that’s still comfortable enough for walking, running and even dancing. Our rainbow utility kilt is almost too perfect for Pride with bursts of multicolored pleats that’ll flash the crowds as you march on.

pride parade 1

4. Hybrid Swim Shorts

We know that not everyone is going to be celebrating Pride by only showing up to the parade. Since it’s June, you might even be hitting up a Pride pool party, which is the perfect reason to try these hybrid swim shorts by Modus Vivendi. From its five-pocket design to zipper fly, no one will even realize you’re planning on going for a swim after the march is over.

5. Men’s Butt Enhancing Underwear 

Sometimes less is more when it comes to finding what to wear to Pride. If you’re more of a briefs-and-sneakers kind of guy, you can always make your butt the main “statement.” A Differio exclusive, our mens butt enhancing underwear by Discreet Joe is designed with removable butt pads that are so undetectable that they look like regular boxer briefs when worn alone. 

6. Short-Sleeve Jumpsuits

Similar to the romper, men’s jumpsuits have the same playful onesie look, except they’re made with long “pants” instead of “shorts.” If you live in a cooler part of the U.S. or just don’t feel like wearing shorts in June, our short-sleeve jumpsuits are a great alternative. With its slimming fit, it’s basically like wearing skinny joggers and a tight polo without buying two separate pieces.

pride parade 2

7. Hooded Onesie

Also known as a bodysuit or one-piece, a hooded onesie is a cool way to pull off a sexy-meets-sporty outfit. It also makes a great base for layering with graphic Pride t-shirts, so it’ll look like you’re wearing leggings instead.

8.    Futuristic Sunglasses

Every pride outfit could use that last finishing touch with a pair of statement shades that look like they were designed in 3018. While everyone else is rocking the traditional wayfarers and aviators, you can party it up in these oversized mask visor sunglasses.

9. Rainbow Leggings 

Your search for what to wear to Pride ends here. Leggings aren’t just for hitting the gym or going on a 5k run. These rainbow leggings make the perfect rainbow-colored statement that’ll also put all eyes on your legs. 


pride parade 3