For years, in fashion magazines and blogs you could barely turn the page or click on a link without seeing an article on the sexiest colors and most complimentary patterns with respect to women’s clothing. But what about the guys? Today’s fashionable man isn’t afraid to dress with sex appeal and desirability in mind, but is hard pressed to find suggestions on the topic. Until now, because our experts have done the research to discover the sexiest colors - on men. Now let’s get the obvious out the way - red is most definitely one of the sexiest colors a man can wear. We won’t get into all the science-y jargon, but part of red’s timeless appeal is exactly that - science. Red triggers primal response in humans as a signal of sexuality and fertility, just as it does in other animals. Think of preening male birds attracting a mate, or (and no snickering, please) the red behinds of certain primate species. Studies have backed this up, with men wearing red perceived as more sexually desirable as well as having a higher social status.

Red Booty Jock Limited Edition

Of course, getting decked out in a red head to toe knock-off Adidas track suit and matching Payless sneakers isn’t going to instantly make you the object of every girl or boy’s desire. Bringing an element of style with a well put together outfit to your usage of the color is imperative. There’s nothing wrong with going predominantly red once it’s done fashionably.   Always sexy is incorporating red into an ensemble. A slim-fit dress shirt with perfect fitting black trousers is sure to catch the eyes of everyone in the room - but far more so with well planned accessories. The subtle accessorizing below is definitely a pro move. This doesn’t only apply for semi-formal and formal wear. The same can be done in with more casual wear - and in such a situation is even more noticeable.

Red Faux Leather Quilted Jacket

One more trick to remember when deciding to go red - switch up the shades. It doesn’t always have to blood red; incorporating burgundy, crimson and wine colors into your rotation will ensure you can slip the very sexy red into your outfits as often as you like without looking like a one-trick pony.

Red Quilted Jacket Lavenham

Which brings us to our next point - red isn’t the only color that can increase your sex appeal; in fact, depending on the object of your affection you may seem much more attractive in quite a different shade. Both scientific studies and surveys have shown that certain colors evoke thoughts of particular attributes. While some have positive but decidedly un-sexy connotations (brown: constructive, solid), others are just the ticket for those going for a different kind of sexy. Thankfully, that most flexible of all colors, black, is towards the top of that list. A man in a fashionable black outfit exudes sophistication, mystery and the promise of seduction.

Blue has also been tagged as a very desirable color. Yes, it looks great on a wide range of skin tones (and with countless shades you can adjust to yours) but it also is said to create an air of wisdom, loyalty and sincerity - very sexy attributes to many people.

Blue Pants

The rise of purple and pink shades in fashion aren’t a coincidence - they have long ago thrown off any stigma as unsexy colors for men. Males young and old, gay and straight have embraced them as colors that are sure to get them noticed (and very possibly picked up). Purple has even topped a couple of polls attempting to ascertain what the sexiest color on men is.

So what have we learned? Well, red remains one of the sexiest colors you can don, and works at a basic human level to make its wearer more attractive. But thinking that red alone will max out your seductive powers in every situation is a big misstep. Black, with it’s sophisticated and mysterious nature also exhibits seductive qualities - therefore on a night out when you’re looking to find your perfect match and be irresistible, a black and red ensemble is a dangerous (in the best way possible) look. And depending on who you hope to attract, colors such as blue, purple and pink can be the ultimate sexy statement. As always and above all though: be fashion savvy and be fashion different.