You’ve probably heard of beard oil by now, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the hype. It’s actually beneficial for men of all beard lengths, from light peach fuzz to the fuller Nyle DiMarco look. Predominantly made of super moisturizing oils, this grooming item is a must for men that want a beard with a healthy shine while providing invigorating hydration. We broke down the basics of beard oil so you can decide for yourself if beard oil is right for you.

What does beard oil do

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is comprised of oils (obviously), but the composition and ingredients vary by brand. All beard-oil formulas have two main components: carrier oils and essential oils. 

You can think of carrier oils as the "main entrée" and essentials oils are the "condiments" for a meal. Carrier oils are the bulk of the product, which make up about 90% of the formula. Some popular carrier oils are jojoba, coconut, and almond oil. Essential oils are what make beard oil special because they each have different scents and properties that benefit hair and skin, like eucalyptus and lavender. These oils are so concentrated that they need to be diluted with carrier oils in order to avoid skin irritation.

What does beard oil do?

The main purpose of beard oil is to moisturize your facial hair and skin, which is especially beneficial for men prone to dry skin or beard dandruff. Just like hairstyling products for your head, it mends split ends while adding a healthy shine to your beard. Depending on the ingredients, some beard oils will actually help stimulate hair growth so you can achieve a fuller, thicker beard. It can also be used in place of shaving creams or gels to provide a smooth glide and prevent ingrown hairs.

How do I use beard oil?

Less is always more when you’re applying beard oil. Since these products are comprised of highly concentrated oils, you only need small a dose to keep your beard moisturized. Most brands state that they won’t leave an oily residue, but you’ll always end up with a greasy beard if you’re over applying the product.

The general rule of thumb is to dispense a pea-sized amount on your hand and massage it into your face until you feel that the oil has dissolved into your hair and skin, like applying lotion. Always wash your face first to prevent your skin from breaking out. For first-time users, it’s recommended to work the oil in gradually. You can also reapply the oil as needed if you feel like you need a refreshing beard pick-me-up throughout the day.

Which beard oil is right for me?

There are an overwhelming number of brands that claim to be “the best” for your beard. First, you can’t treat all beard oils the same. Every guy has different hair and skin combinations, so find the right product that’ll target your specific issues.

Issues to consider before buying beard oil:

  • Do you have sensitive skin or skin allergies, like dryness, irritation, acne or eczema?
  • Are you prone to beard dandruff?
  • Is your skin oily, combination or dry?
  • What’s the length and thickness of your beard hair?

Look for beard oil with ingredients that’ll achieve the results you’re after. It’s so important to read the ingredients because this is what’s going to make or break your beard. For example, lavender oil is known to be a gentle moisturizer, while patchouli oil is known for treating dandruff. If you’re not familiar with an ingredient, do some quick research and look up it’s properties before assuming that any beard oil is going to work wonders on your face.

Goa beard oil

Why should I try Hyper-Conditioning Beard Oil by GOA?

GOA Skincare is so unique because it’s a grooming brand dedicated to resolving skin damage due to a man’s vices, whether it’s smoking or environmental stress.

The Hyper-Conditioning Beard Oil contains organic oils, as well as Japanese green tea extract, algae extract, vitamin B5 and vitamin E. On top of conditioning hair and skin, this powerful formula controls blemishes, reduces itchiness, includes anti-aging properties and provides UV protection.

If these are issues you’re looking to target, GOA beard oil is your match.