It’s wedding season again - and while they're beautiful events, sometimes it can feel like you’re finding yourself at one every weekend (and sometimes you actually are)! Still, each one is an opportunity to show off a unique new look. One of the great things about summer weddings (other than the outdoor ceremonies and receptions) is that the soaring temperatures make lighter and slightly less formal attire more acceptable - allowing you to replace a boring suit with something more eye-catching. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should look like you’re going to your high school dance - rather, this is an opportunity to show off your fashion sense with some wise, off the beaten path choices. It’s a precarious balancing act - luckily, our style experts have got you covered.

Blazers A blazer is arguably the most popular item in the stylish man’s summer wedding arsenal. Giving a nod to the formal nature of the event, it still allows its wearer to remain comfortable and cool.

This floral blazer from James Calehan is a show stopper (don’t let the wedding couple see it before the ceremony!). Sporting a silk crinkle crepe, silk interior lining and double button closure, the blazer and its all encompassing multicolored floral print announces you’re more than ready for the day’s festivities. Also available in birch leaves print. The Zuee Braided Cardigan Blazer brings a vintage look to your outfit in a modern package. The braided pattern on the front, side and sleeves harkens back to classic styles - however, its collared open neck and other modern touches ensure it looks right at home with the rest of your ensemble.

This Black Floral Jacquard Blazer from Glimms is one of the most elegant available. While this is mainly owed to the subtle raised floral jacquard patterning, other appointments such as deep red silky lining, dual front side pockets and 3 button cuff arm enclosures make this one the last word in sleek, sexy sophistication.


The Glimms Blue Velvet Vest pairs its sleek color and texture with a V neckline and interior silk lining. Meanwhile, an adjustable back stack allows you to adjust the jacket for a more relaxed or more fitted look. Accessories It's often the smallest touches that make an ensemble truly stand out. These accessories are sure to get a double or triple take!

These Hourglass Cufflinks from Glimms are as eye-catching as it gets. Working hourglasses filled with brilliant blue sand, match these with your outfit for a guaranteed conversation piece.

A bow tie is always a great choice when looking to stand out from the crowd. To truly be one of a kind, grab one of these Military Style Bow Ties. This bold statement works with nearly any getup - once you wear it with confidence!

When wanting to eschew a conventional tie, the question is often "bow tie or lapel pin?" The smart cookies at Glimm have come up with a way to do both! This Handmade Bow Tie Pin manages to be sexy and cute at the same time. Pants Linen Trousers are the perfect choice for staying cool throughout those long days while still exuding a laid back elegance.

With their lightweight material and fine craftsmanship, Catch Wave’s White Linen Trousers pull both attributes off perfectly.

Waquiri’s Khaki Linen Pants with rope drawstrings are the ones to choose when proceedings are going to be even more casual. Pairing the lightweight trousers with a mismatched blazer creates a relaxed, sexy look that is already primed for the reception.

While we're all about keeping cool these summer months, these just look too hot not to include. Glimms' Red Velvet Trousers will put the spotlight directly on whoever's sporting them. Perfectly form fitting with a slim cut and spandex stretch, pair with an airy shirt and matching vest/accessories.