Here's how to ditch heavy baggage for good.

Packing light for vacation can seem impossible for guys that love clothes. You suddenly feel the urge to pack that new t-shirt that’s been sitting in your closet for months. But – deep down inside – you know it’s just going to take up space in your suitcase the entire trip. On top of that, you need to deal with the stress of packing just enough stuff so that your luggage isn’t over the weight limit. If you’re determined to travel light on your next vacay, we found the best travel essentials for men that’ll instantly downsize your summer packing list. Even better, you can actually stuff all these items into one backpack.

travel essentials for men

1. The Bag

Neoprene Convertible Backpack

What: Grey Neoprene Convertible Backpack

If you’re planning on stuffing all your belongings in one backpack, you’re going to need the most efficient backpack. Unlike ordinary backpacks, this neoprene backpack has self-tie straps that you can tie around your waist and chest any way you want. It’s large enough for the essentials and small enough as a carry-on bag. Plus, its side cargo pockets makes it easy to grab your passport or cell phone without removing the entire bag off your back. 

2. The Swimwear

Hybrid Shorts

What: Slim Hybrid Swim Shorts by Modus Vivendi

When you’re torn between packing shorts or swim trunks, these hybrid swim shorts are the answer. They’re designed just like casual shorts with a five-pocket design and zipper fly. The only difference is they’re made from a stretchy polyamide blend that’s ideal for swimming. After you're done soaking up the sun, you can scope out all the touristy hot spots without even changing. 

3. The T-Shirt

Mesh T-shirt

What: See Through White Mesh T-Shirt with Stripes 

When you’re packing up travel essentials for men, sometimes it’s best to stick with neutrals because they’re so easy to match. Our white, mesh t-shirt is sexy and lightweight, so it’s perfect for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re bumming it on the beach or going out clubbing, this sheer top looks great with everything from swim shorts to skinny jeans for men.

4. The Hoodie

Cropped Hoodie

What: Extreme Cropped Hoodie with Sleeve Print

It’s always a good idea to bring an extra layer as a precaution, no matter how warm your destination is. You never know when you’ll be trapped on a freezing plane or, even worse, feeling sick. The conventional hoodie is just too much baggage because it’s heavy and bulky. This cropped hoodie has no body, so you can throw it over tees and tanks without taking up bag space. It also looks just as good shirtless.

5. The Shoes

Slip Ons Canvas Sneakers

What: Slip-On White Canvas Sneakers

The trickiest part about packing footwear is the fact that they’re so bulky. You can’t just ball them up and throw them into your luggage, like tees and tanks. We suggest packing a neutral-colored sneaker that’ll match with most of your outfits, instead of packing three different colored sneakers. Slip-on shoes are an effortless style that also works on the beach because they’re so easy to slip on and off.

6. The Underwear

Twin Boxer Briefs

What: Twin Boxer Briefs Set by Modus Vivendi

Obviously underwear is the most essential of travel essentials for men. These boxer briefs come as a 2-in-1 set that can be worn alone or together. When you’re wearing one pair alone, it reveals one butt cheek, but still covers what you need it to on the front. They’re equally as sexy as they are sporty. You know, in case you meet someone you’re really into on your next cruise.