For years, in fashion magazines and blogs you could barely turn the page or click on a link without seeing an article on the sexiest colors and most complimentary patterns with respect to women’s clothing. But what about the guys? Today’s fashionable man isn’t afraid to dress with sex appeal and desirability in mind, but is hard pressed to find suggestions on the topic. Until now, because our experts have done the research to discover the sexiest colors - on men. Now let’s get the obvious out the way - red is most definitely one of the sexiest colors a man can wear. We won’t get into all the science-y jargon, but part of red’s timeless appeal is exactly that - science. Red triggers primal response in humans as a signal of sexuality and fertility, just as it does in other animals. Think of preening male birds attracting a mate, or (and no snickering, please) the red behinds of certain primate species. Studies have backed this up, with men wearing red perceived as more sexually desirable as well as having a higher social status.

Red Booty Jock Limited Edition

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