Some men are actually turned on by distinct bad odors, which isn’t as strange as you may think. Scientists believe pheromones (airborne sex hormones) can play a part in sexual arousal and the reason humans choose their mates. Apart from chemical stimulators, the age-old phenomena of aphrodisiacs have been known to heighten libido just by engaging the senses in flavors or scents. Bizarre foods, like oysters and garlic, are claimed to be palatable aphrodisiacs in which the same effect can happen in the form of aromas. Men can even be drawn to bad odors simply because it reminds them of something pleasingly nostalgic. Fetishes for certain smells develop by associating an aroma with a pleasant, arousing experience. So if you’ve felt like a freak for getting turned on by the smell of old sneakers, you’re not alone. Here are some of the strangest bad odors that are actually a turn on for men.

Bad Odors

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