St Patrick’s Day kilts are a trendy way to celebrate your Irish pride in honor of Ireland’s patron saint. If you’re one of many men scrambling for last minute St Patrick’s Day outfits, going green is not your only option. Thanks to St Patrick, we not only have an excuse to drink excessive amounts of beer, but a reason to shop for stylish St. Patrick’s Day kilts. Despite its seemingly traditional design, kilts are making a huge comeback in menswear. Differio is your top online shop for urban and contemporary style kilts for the modern man. Urban kilts have even been sported by some of Hollywood’s most popular celebs, like Kanye West and Vin Diesel. From traditional tartan plaid to bold prints, shop for St Patrick's Day kilts without the tacky holiday vibes. Here’s a round up of essential kilt styles to shop for only on Differio: 

1. The Denim Kilt

This St Patrick’s Day, ditch the Levis and shop for a denim kilt instead. The Denim Kilt Highlands gives the conventional kilt a taste of urban street style. The best part about denim is its versatility with almost every ensemble. Easily mix and match the denim kilt highlands with a green top or plaid accessories for the ultimate urban St Patrick’s Day kilt. We recommend adding high tops for St. Patty’s style with an empire state of mind. 

2. The Military Kilt

It’s time to dig out your combat boots on the eve of St Patrick’s Day. Shop for the Military Kilt Battlefield for a St Patrick’s Day kilt suited for the modern-day rugged man. A military kilt delivers the best of both worlds: a traditional kilt in a non-traditional green print. Get decked out in a tasteful camouflage St Patrick’s Day kilt that’ll command holiday style. 

3. The Punk Rock Kilt 

St Patrick’s Day just wouldn’t be complete without the traditional tartan patterned kilt. Inspired by one of cinema's greatest films, shop for the Men’s Kilt Plaided Braveheart featuring a plaid print with a rocker-inspired design. You'll look as badass as William Wallace himself in an edgy St Patrick’s Day kilt with punk accents, like zippers and faux leather. 

In the midst of shamrock décor and hordes of green ensembles, we promise you'll stand out with Differio’s selection of quality kilts.