You smell that? Recognize that flowery aroma? Spring is in the air, which can only mean one thing. It’s time for the latest men’s fashion exploding with spring fever. This is the perfect time to showcase your unique sense of style. It’s also a great time to experiment with different pieces that you’ve never rocked before because – let’s face it – spring 2018 menswear trends are why we love spring. So, gear up and prepare yourself for the three hottest trends that are making a statement this season.

spring 2018 menswear trends

1.    Bling is back and brighter than before.

Although the “bling” trend is currently among spring 2018 menswear trends, it was once popular during the early 2000s, especially throughout the clubbing scene. Today, this trend is all about t-shirts and tanks with bedazzled crystals and metallic graphics. For those who love the spotlight, this will definitely grab attention even in the dimmest of nightclubs.

You could say this trend has roots in Southern California where fashion designers found inspiration from local tattoo artists, like Audigier’s legacy of “hardy” designs. The earliest apparel started with colorful, intricate patterns that you’d normally see from vintage tattoo shops, like oriental tigers, daggers and skulls. Eventually, it transitioned to flashier pieces that incorporated shiny materials, such as tiny rhinestones and metallic foil. The result? The perfect balance between rugged and glam.

This shiny aesthetic is now making its epic return as the most eye-catching of spring 2018 menswear trends. These blinged-out, cool tees and tanks are now comparable to the sun or, at the very least, a thousand diamonds. Most of all, you’ll be seeing a ton of platinum silver. From silver-foil prints to silver-woven fabrics, the latest graphic t-shirts and tanks look like they’ve been dipped in a tub of melted metal.

Bling trend

2.    Side stripes aren’t just for the gym.

Whoever thought sports gear and menswear could pair up so seamlessly? The gap between the runway and the running track has never been so close. This vertical-striped aesthetic is where sporty meets sophistication. For those of you who want more flair on your sweats, joggers or jeans, this is it.

With major style icons known to frequent these stripes, like Kanye West and Justin Bieber, this trend is on every guy’s radar. Designers are getting more creative with today’s designs by placing slogans or logos along the stripe.

The best thing about this look is its versatility. Being able to switch between casual to formal is what makes the side-stripe trend a keeper. You can try pairing striped mens jogger pants with a graphic tee and high tops for that effortless, athleisure look. You can also try going shabby chic by pairing side-stripe jeans with a leather jacket and boots.

side stripe trend

3.    Black and white graphics are the new black and white.

Does black and white even have an expiration date? These two shades never seem to go out of fashion. As far as spring 2018 menswear trends go, the black-and-white trend is being reinvented with graphic slogans, prints and texts in men’s streetwear.

Generally, the combination of black and white gives off this clean and chic look, which is probably why tuxedos take on this color scheme. So, when it’s designed with casual, urban apparel, it adds that much more modern appeal to the ordinary t-shirt.

Designers are now using black and white as another form of self-expression, quite literally. Graphic t-shirts are being printed with bold, Arial-style fonts, sometimes written on top of thick, black lines. It’s a new way to introduce typography into streetwear, like wearing “uncensored” censor bars. Your graphic t-shirt doesn’t even have to make sense anymore, which might seem a little odd for a trend that seems so… black and white. From clever sayings to meaningless numerics mixed with letters, it’s kind of an avant-garde way of saying nothing and everything at the same time.

It’s safe to say the black-and-white trend gives off that minimalist vibe that somehow still stands out. Streetwear is recreating neutral-colored tops and bottoms with contemporary graphics that give off a postmodern vibe. Even those collared, going out shirts are getting the casual treatment with blocks of texts written across the chest and sleeves.

black and white trend