The metrosexual man isn’t hard to spot these days. He’s someone that spends most of his time, energy, and money into looking his best. His morning routine consists of moisturizing, primping, and grooming until every facial hair and flyaway is in its place. He’s always in the most stylish menswear, and isn’t afraid to throw on a little makeup for men when he needs a quick fix. Typically, Cristiano Ronaldo would be the perfect example of today’s modern metrosexual male. He’s well groomed, stylish, and a bit of a narcissist.

spornosexual metrosexual

The truth is, some people enjoy watching his games just for that winning moment when he scores a goal and rips off his shirt. His infamously tanned, chiseled bod is the epitome of what Mark Simpson recently coined as the “spornosexual” man. In other words, this is the man that treats his body the way a metrosexual would treat a designer suit. The word, spornosexual, derives from a combination of the words: sports and porn. These are the hypermasculine men with ripped physiques most popularly recognized in these industries.

While metrosexuals are known for their impeccable taste in men’s fashion and grooming, spornosexuals are similarly known for their insanely fit figures. They spend a majority of their free time pumping iron at the gym, shortly followed by the carefully angled post-workout selfie. These men aren’t afraid to flaunt their hard-earned, shredded masterpieces all over your Instagram feed. They don’t beg for your attention. Rather, they’re the human eye magnets that steal your attention, whether you like it or not. Even more so, they don’t care who is watching as long as their bodies are being admired, like the way one would fawn over a naked Greek statue.

So, why do they do what they do? Aside from the invention of the front-facing camera, it’s been debated that this spike in spornosexuals is due to the rocky economy in the U.S. For many, the reality of paying a small, monthly gym fee for hard muscles is a more tangible goal than owning a Ferrari. If feeling empowered means seeing more six packs, we’re all for it.

Still not sure if you’re metrosexual or spornosexual? Take our style quiz to see where you stand! Keep track of how many “A’s” “B’s”, and "C's" you score for accurate results.

1. You’re meeting a friend for lunch at your local cafe. Which shoes do you wear?

AMens Calf Hair Oxfords Noir by Fertini

calfskin oxfords

B. Black Calfskin Sneakers by Glimms

calfskin sneakers 

C. I usually wear the same pair of shoes everywhere.

2. If you could use only one grooming product for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

A. Context Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

 Context Skin Care

B. AB Crew Cutting Body Hydrator

 ab crew cutting hydrator

C. I'm not big on grooming products. All I need is soap and water.

3. You’re packing for vacation and need a carry-on bag for the plane ride. Which backpack would you use? 

A. Zebra Print Backpack

zebra print backpack

B. Sheepskin Backpack by Toppu

 sheepskin backpack

C. I use the same plain bag for every trip.

4. It’s the weekend and you need to run a couple of errands. Which pants would you wear? 

A. Mens Pleated Trousers by Younger

 mens pleated trousers

B. Stylish Exercise Leggings by Glimms

stylish exercise leggings 

C. I don't really care what kind of pants I'm wearing.

5. You’re getting ready for a blind date. Which undergarment do you choose?

A. Laced Mesh Briefs Allure by Gregg Homme

laced mesh briefs

B. Slimming Tank Top Men by Nexypro

C. My normal boxers/briefs. 

6. You’re running late and grab the first sweatshirt you see before heading out. Which top do you grab first?

A. Embossed Sweatshirt by Homme

embossed sweatshirt

B. Matte Shine Skin Pullover Matrix by Glimms

matte skin shine pullover

C. As long as its clean, it doesn't matter what it looks like.

7. You’re preparing for summer and need to stock up on casual shorts. Which shorts would you buy? 

A. Low Crotch Cargo Shorts by Glimms

low crotch cargo shorts

B. Fluorescent Athletic Shorts by Glimms

fluorescent shorts 

C. I buy the same style of shorts every year.


Mostly A’s?

Your style choices reveal you’re metrosexual! You enjoy the finer things in life. You’re always on top of the fashion scene and you’re not afraid to be seen in trends that no one else is wearing.

Mostly B’s?

Your style choices reveal you’re spornosexual! Your body is your favorite accessory and you love getting noticed for it. You’re a regular at the gym and everyone knows you as “that hot guy”.

Mostly C's?

Your style choices reveal you're neither! You're most likely the regular guy. You're style choices are simple and classic, and you're not big on designer names. Although having a ripped body would be awesome, it's not one of your priorities.