It's been a long time coming, but summer is finally here. And while we're regretfully going to have to pack away some of the warmer early spring styles, there's a world of eye catching, daring styles to play with (and show off the results of all those winter workouts!). Here are some of the hottest styles in men's summer fashion available right now that will also do a great job of keeping you cool.

Of course this is Differio - so we've got to start off with something different and eye-catching. These Polo Overalls by Glimms look like nothing else around and are sure to get you noticed. The slim fit, short sleeved polo top merges with short length jogger pants to create a unique combination with continuous, complimentary lines. The versatility of the French Terry Poncho from Daniel Patrick makes it perfect for those unpredictable early summer days as well as throughout the season. With an oversized hood and full size zip detail, wear it fully zipped up for those nights where the temperature drops unexpectedly. And should the mercury soar, there’s no need to toss it in the a corner - just fully unzip the sides and cool down while showing off that Bohemian look.

A fresh batch of T-shirts is an absolute must when considering men's summer fashion - so why not have one for whatever mood may strike? For those playful days, Staff Jeans & Co.’s Teen T-shirt is sure to fit the bill. Solid pink, ‘God Save the Teens’ is boldly emblazoned across the front of the crew neck tee. A bit more reserved but still want to stand out? French Connection’s White Cuba Tee with retro fishing print fits the bill perfectly. And when you’re looking for that classic look, the Daniel Patrick Knomadik T-shirt is a great pick - yet the high quality tee remains a standout with touches such as slightly longer sleeves and it’s super-soft cotton construction.

What’s summer without celebrating the return of shorts? And while they’re often one of the least considered pieces of an outfit, imaginative twists on an old concept can really make your getups on the warmest days of the year a hot topic. Army Green Camouflage Biker Shorts create a pattern and style combo that’s rarely seen - the always popular ‘camo’ print being added to the form-fitting and always sexy biker short. Catch Wave’s 6 Pocket Cargo Shorts give you all the convenience of cargos but ups the style factor: pre washed to achieve that vintage look, drawstrings at both the waist and legs let you adjust their fit to your preference. Sometimes, though, you just need the cleanest lines for a super casual look. James Calehan offers Nautical Shorts in a variety of colors that are sure to fit the bill.  

To stay active during the summer months, you’re going to need activewear that can keep you cool. Let your torso breathe like never before in a honeycomb fabric Lightweight Sweatshirt by Glimms, while Gregg Homme’s unique short sleeve City Limit Hoodie is probably the only hoodie that’ll keep you as cool as a t-shirt - but certainly exudes a hell of a lot more sex appeal!