New CRIPTO Series Is a Chilling Glimpse of the Apocalypse

The CRIPTO Series is the newest Differio collection that’ll give you major FOMO.

We just released our most intense, maximalist collection to date: the CRIPTO Series. If you’ve been digging the doomsday trend, you’re about to discover the most mind-blowing men’s post-apocalyptic outfit ideas. From dramatic silhouettes to dystopian accents, brace yourself for next-level, designer-grade statement pieces that’ll have you dressing like it’s Burning Man every day.

The CRIPTO Series is comprised of avant-garde streetwear that’s still wearable enough for the daily grind. An exclusive Differio collection, the CRIPTO line features all the menswear essentials – clothing, shoes, and accessories – heavily inspired by survivalist, post-apocalyptic fashion. This curated range incorporates some our most-coveted independent designers with a penchant for otherworldly aesthetics.

The CRIPTO fall/winter 2019 collection includes limited-release pieces designed in high-impact tones and provocative materials. Dive into our CRIPTO shirts for original must-haves, including the tunic hoodie and cocoon cardigan. You’ll discover the edgiest pants to match, such as lace-up leather pants, distressed biker jeans, and one-strap harem overalls. To top it all off, our outerwear and boots make the most badass final layers, like the utility sleeveless coat and Series XII high-top boots.

Despite its dark appeal, the beauty of the CRIPTO range is that you can still make it your own. Whether your go-to style is sexy biker or urban contemporary, you’ll find modern pieces that’ll work effortlessly into virtually any wardrobe rotation. We’ve got you covered for all occasions on your agenda: date-night shirts, festival-approved pants, and party-ready coats.

Shop the Differio CRIPTO Series now to score original statement items with an unparalleled, couture edge. Just here for some men’s post apocalyptic outfit ideas? Keep checking back for the latest updates on even more items. All CRIPTO edition apparel is special release with limited stock; so don’t leave that cart hanging for too long.