mens makeup tips

A few mens makeup tips are all you need to score the "no-makeup makeup" look everyone is after. One of the challenges with men's makeup is to wear a full face of makeup without anyone noticing it actually took ten different products to look “natural”. This is especially frustrating for beginners that are curious to try, but aren’t comfortable with people knowing their makeup secret. You’ll be surprised at how a few simple tips and tricks can take your face from The Walking Dead to America’s Next Top Model. Whether you’re on top of your beauty trends or a dab-on-concealer-and-go kind of guy, here are some foolproof mens makeup tips to fool everyone that you’re wearing makeup at all. 

Mens Makeup Tips To Look Naturally Handsome:

Concealer & Foundation:

Remember that less is more when going for the faux au naturale look. The first step in prepping your face is choosing the right mens foundation or concealer. As these products are already designed to mesh with your natural skin tone, the most common mistake is choosing a shade that doesn’t match with your face and neck. 

If you’re drowning in 50 shades of nude in the men's makeup aisle, don’t feel like you’re the only one that can’t tell the difference between “neutral tan” and “medium beige”. An easy way to find your foundation match is testing different tones on your neck as opposed to directly on your face. Surprisingly, the slight color variation on your neck is a telltale sign that reveals you’re wearing foundation. Find a shade that matches with your neck and blend well into the face and slightly down the neck for the smoothest coverage. You can apply this rule to buying men’s foundation online by printing out sample colors and matching colors against your neck in a well-lit area.

If you’ve already bought mens foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone, don’t be so quick to throw it away. Instead of trashing it, find another foundation a few shades lighter or darker and mix both products until it matches your skin. Although you may feel like you’re spending more than you bargained for, this is one way to get a customized color while salvaging makeup that can’t be refunded. 

You can apply these mens makeup tips to concealer depending on what you’re looking to hide. Mens concealer can actually work wonders on tired eyes. If you’re problem area is dark circles under the eye, find a concealer one shade lighter than your skin color in order to brighten dark circles. If you’re prone to under eye puffiness, apply a concealer one shade darker for a masking effect. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of wearing a concealer that doesn’t completely match your skin. As long as you remember to blend well, your concealer will remain invisible to the naked eye. Try Nu Makeup concealer for men for this camouflaging effect on fatigued eyes, which also works just as well on those pesky pimples.

Guyliner & Mascara:

When tackling a natural eye on men, it’s best not to go heavy on guyliner (aka: eyeliner for men). Although guyliner can make eyes appear wider, it’s much more noticeable in comparison to mascara, which produces the same effect while still remaining subtle. Be sure to choose a mascara color that’ll match with your facial hair or try mens clear mascara for the most neutral eye. 

Mens mascara, called manscara, are meant to curl without any other makeup tools, but if you’re looking for maximum volume an eyelash curler can give your eyes an extra boost. The rule of thumb is to use the eyelash curler before applying mascara to prevent lash fallout and clumping. If you don’t have an eyelash curler, the middle of a q-tip can work just as effectively by holding the handle against lashes for about 30 seconds. To avoid spidery eyes, gently wiggle mascara wand from root to tip, which will help separate lashes. If you want to get really fancy, you can use an eyelash comb to part those lashes like the Red Sea. 

Brow & Beard Fillers: 

Filling in your brows and beard with brow and beard fillers for men can help to subtly define your face. You may have heard that it’s recommended to go slightly lighter for brunettes and slightly darker for blondes. However, for the most natural brow look it’s best to choose a color that already matches with your facial hair, as the goal isn’t to make your brows noticeably stand out. The best way to avoid going overboard is by working slowly before applying too much and regretting the look. Although it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t have a brow brush, investing in the right tools does go a long way.

Since not everyone can grow the perfect Jake Gyllenhaal ‘stache, beard fillers are lifesavers for fixing those annoying patchy areas. A common giveaway that reveals you’re wearing beard fillers – or even foundation – is when shirts get accidentally stained with makeup. Be sure to not wear any shirts with a high neck that can potentially swipe against your cheek and leave a mark. If you happen to run out of beard filler, mens mascara can work as an emergency alternative as the wand is already made to boost hair follicles.

Despite going for a natural makeup look, there’s a time and place for this to really work effectively. If you’re planning on going to the beach or pool, it’s best to go bare faced or choose waterproof-based products for minimal smudging. If you’re spending time in the sun, choose mens foundations with SPF to conceal while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. For beginners, do your best to refrain from touching your face as this can not only smudge makeup, but can also cause pimples and blemishes due to bacteria. Always remove makeup before bed with makeup remover followed by a cleansing face wash, like Context’s Micro-Derm Regenerator, to completely remove any residue from cosmetics. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the look right on the first try and experiment with what works best for you.