The hype is real, guys. There’s a hot new Irishman that everyone’s talking about, and he’s bringing his Celtic charm to the states. Coming at you soon, we’re revealing our trendiest collection to date featuring Cormac Murphy: the new face of Differio.

cormac murphy

His Irish accent and killer bod are just a few of the reasons why it’s all eyes on him. Raised in Ennis, a town roughly three hours from Dublin, Cormac previously lived in Australia for two years before moving out to New York City where some of his family resides. When he’s not catching modeling gigs, you can find him bartending at the Mean Fiddler in midtown Manhattan.

With photography work by Brian Jamie and Frank Louis – to name a few – already under his belt, he’s taking advantage of every opportunity here that’s not available in his former hometown. Since male modeling is very limited in Ireland, he described how “New York just stood out” for him as the best place to pursue his career.

Model Cormac Murphy

In the mean time, he’s staying in shape with HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts and weightlifting, followed by a healthy slice of New York pizza. OK, so it’s not the only thing he eats, but it’s one of his favorite foods. He’s also staying active on social media where you can keep up with his currently single life on Instagram – @iamcormacmurphy.

cormac murphy differio

Differio’s full collection is currently in the works with a sexy assortment of men's streetwear, including metallic bomber jackets and distressed biker jeans. You can check out Cormac Murphy in our hottest men's underwear styles ever, fully loaded with leather and mesh. You may even see some new and exciting men’s makeup items. Keep checking back on our new arrivals, or sign up with our newsletter to get first dibs!

Want to know more about this Irish stud? We picked his brain with 10 random “this or that” questions to get to know him a little better. You can make what you want of his answers... 

  1. Cats or Dogs? Dogs
  2. Tequila or Vodka? Vodka
  3. Tattoos or Piercings? Tattoos
  4. Hot Tub or Pool? Hot Tub
  5. Superman or Batman? Batman
  6. Facial Hair or Clean Shaven? Facial Hair
  7. Sweet or Salty? Sweet
  8. Runway or Editorial? Runway
  9. Calling or Texting? Calling
  10. Boxers or Briefs? Briefs