Meggings are without a doubt one of the sexiest items among mens workout clothes, but the truth is – you just can’t pull them off without confidence.

As soon as you roll into the gym in skin-tight men’s compression pants, it’s basically open season on your legs, butt, and junk. Unless you’re one of those guys that always wears shorts over everything, it’s pretty much impossible to hide your man parts in men’s athletic tights.

differio meggings

What you can do is naturally enhance what you’ve already got with colors, patterns and accents. Similar to the way men’s makeup techniques can enhance your facial features, you can actually wear certain styles of meggings to pump up the volume around those butt cheeks.

Here are the top men's compression tights for showing off your assets exclusively available on our men’s activewear collection, from quad-enhancing shapewear leggings to reflective men’s running tights. We’re not guaranteeing that you’ll get gym sex out of it, but who knows…

1. Mens Workout Tights by Maskulomaskulo leggings

Anything that’s tagged with the “Editor’s Choice” seal of approval is a surefire stunner, like these men’s workout tights by Maskulo. Also known as the ultimate crotch-enhancing leggings, these men’s compression pants are equipped with fetish-style padding around the crotch, quads and calves. An intensely erotic choice, there’s just no way you won’t exude an ultra-masculine sexiness in these black leggings.

Best for Sculpting: crotch, quads, calves

2. Metallic Leggings by Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi leggings

You’re going to be over the moon for the latest leggings for men by Modus Vivendi. Shaped after the crotch-less silhouette of chaps, these black leggings are designed with front-to-back “full moons” in metallic silver strategically placed around the butt and crotch. The additional drawstring tie around the waist is perfect for customizing the fit of virtually any waist size. 

Best for Sculpting: crotch, lower butt

3. Liquid Leggings In Glossy Black

Liquid leggings

Arguably one of our sexiest men’s leggings in stock, liquid leggings are like dipping your legs into a pool of glossy black ink. The wet-leather look adds an all-around shine that creates extra definition around the grooves of your muscles. Plus, these men’s tights come with a full crotch zipper that adds a little extra bulk around your package.

Best for Sculpting: crotch, all-over muscle tone

4. Printed Workout Leggings In Black And Silver

printed workout leggings

Busy graphics are perfect for both distracting and drawing attention to that specific area of your body, depending on where the design is placed. These printed workout leggings include crosshatch graphics against matte-black spandex, which basically acts as a metallic highlighter for sculpting the sides of your legs. 

Best for Sculpting: calves, side butt, quads

5. Rainbow Leggings Pride Runner

rainbow leggings

A subtle way to wear a futuristic print, our rainbow leggings is an ultramodern choice for pumping up your butt and calves. Although these meggings are completely black, they’re detailed with a multicolored, aerodynamic print that highlights the legs. Black leggings are also a great pick for looking lean, and easy to match with a variety of men’s gym clothes.

Best for Sculpting: side butt, calves, lean legs