Jet Set Sun in the USA

The French have been hiding their best-kept self tanning secret – until now. It’s time to make streaky tans and greasy sprays a thing of the past because America is getting a wake-up call with one of the best self tanners in the market.

Differio is proud to debut Jet Set Sun, Europe’s best self tanner for men that can be seen on every golden European. Once a rare commodity only accessible overseas, now this sunless tanner is conveniently available throughout the USA.

Modernize the way you maintain a healthy, glowing tan with one of the best self tanning sprays that’ll save you both time and money. With the ease of DIY tanning products, there’s no need to spend a fortune on tanning salons that can charge up to three times as much for a single airbrush session. Save yourself the hassle of appointments with the luxury of an airbrush tan in a can within the comfort of your own home.

Jet Set Sun can do more than just help you cut corners; it can salvage your health from harmful UV rays projected from both indoor and outdoor tanning. The risks of UV radiation can potentially cause premature aging and life-threatening diseases. Recent skin cancer studies have proven that salon-tanning beds are one of the leading factors for the rapid increase in skin cell carcinoma, especially amongst young adults. Who needs the sun anyway when you can have a burst of paradise in the palm of your hand? Choose the leading dermatologist-recommended solution for avoiding harmful radiation with one of the best self tanners that’ll still provide a celebrity-quality, sun-kissed shade.

Rave reviews have swept the international beauty scene throughout some of the most renowned fashion magazines including, Elle NorwayCosmopolitan FranceCostume Norway, and Be France Magazine.

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Avid beauty blogger and tanning aficionado – Frassy – claims, “This mist is one of my favourites, it is incredibly lightweight and sort of rubs off very naturally/subtly, avoiding that horrendous patchy skin that is associated with fake tan.”

What makes Jet Set Sun the best self tanner on the market is its rich formula blended with DHA, a glycerin derivative, which interacts with your skin’s amino acids to produce a natural browning effect – no distasteful orange afterglow. Like so many self-tanning products that come in a variety of shades from light to dark, Jet Set Sun’s single shade fits every skin type and color that can be moderated through intensity. Skip the headache with a low-maintenance spray tan that only requires reapplication once or twice a week. With the ease of its application, its no wonder Jet Set Sun has internationally exploded as one of the best spray tans amongst fakers and bakers.

Join the Jet Set Sun revolution and see what it’s like to become a Tahitian-bronzed hunk within minutes.