How to Wear a Kilt without Giving a F*ck What Others Think

Kilts have been around since the 17th Century, but we're still faced with the anxiety of wearing kilts in public. When Kanye West wore a leather kilt on tour back in 2011, it created such an outrage that he eventually asked Getty Images to remove the photos. You can still find his notorious kilt on Google images today, but it also opened up a bigger discussion around the way we conceive men’s fashion. So, what’s the big deal with men wearing kilts anyways? Ancient Egyptian men of all hierarchies used to wear the shendyt, an adaptation of the early hunting skirt. The Balkans created the fustanella, which is a white pleated skirt worn for ceremonial purposes. Men in Fiji, Bhutan or Senegal still wear knee-length sarongs and dress robes as part of their regular dress. 

how to wear a kilt

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