Spornosexual or Metrosexual: Which Man Are You?

The metrosexual man isn’t hard to spot these days. He’s someone that spends most of his time, energy, and money into looking his best. His morning routine consists of moisturizing, primping, and grooming until every facial hair and flyaway is in its place. He’s always in the most stylish menswear, and isn’t afraid to throw on a little makeup for men when he needs a quick fix. Typically, Cristiano Ronaldo would be the perfect example of today’s modern metrosexual male. He’s well groomed, stylish, and a bit of a narcissist. The truth is, some people enjoy watching his games just for that winning moment when he scores a goal and rips off his shirt. His infamously tanned, chiseled bod is the epitome of what Mark Simpson recently coined as the “spornosexual” man. In other words, this is the man that treats his body the way a metrosexual would treat a designer suit. 

spornosexual metrosexual

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