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Mens Makeup Tips To Look Natural

A few mens makeup tips are all you need to score the "no-makeup makeup" look everyone is after. One of the challenges with men's makeup is to wear a full face of makeup without anyone noticing it actually took ten different products to look “natural”. This is especially frustrating for beginners that are curious to try, but aren’t comfortable with people knowing their makeup secret. You’ll be surprised at how a few simple tips and tricks can take your face from The Walking Dead to America’s Next Top Model. Whether you’re on top of your beauty trends or a dab-on-concealer-and-go kind of guy, here are some foolproof mens makeup tips to fool everyone that you’re wearing makeup at all. 

 mens makeup tips

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10 LGBT Pride Parade Facts You Don’t Know

Thanks to President Clinton, we can look forward to June as the official month of LGBT pride parades in every state of America. It’s a time for embracing your individuality in every way possible from getting dressed up in gay menswear to flaunting the iconic rainbow flag. Amidst the pandemonium of hot bods on parade floats, it’s important to remember that June is also a month for unity and remembrance. Despite the innocent lives that have been lost to hate crimes, such as the Orlando shootings, the LGBT pride parades are a way to reinforce what pride is really about. It’s a time to honor the brave individuals that fought at the Stonewall riots and celebrate America’s progression in supporting LGBT communities. 

lgbt pride parade photo 

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