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Context Skin Care: Why Men are Hooked on this Line

Context skin care is the reason no one can keep quiet about the next best thing in men’s grooming. Redefining the limits of daily skin care solutions for men, it leaves you with that echoing “a-ha” moment that skin care products don’t have to be divided by gender. This echo has managed to make waves in mainstream beauty and fashion magazines and campaigns as the leading unisex skin care brand. Context skin care’s gender neutrality makes it easy for men to indulge in unconventional beauty products, like pore-minimizing night creams and invigorating eye creams, without venturing into women’s beauty aisles. 

Its asexual versatility for all skin types has attracted massive attention by makeup professionals, even debuting at New York Fashion Week S/S 2016. Gaining further press by GQ, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, NY Mag, and more, Context proves that basic skin care can be successfully paired with a luxury androgynous appeal.

Context Skin Care

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St Patrick's Day Kilts for the Modern Man

St Patrick’s Day kilts are a trendy way to celebrate your Irish pride in honor of Ireland’s patron saint. If you’re one of many men scrambling for last minute St Patrick’s Day outfits, going green is not your only option. Thanks to St Patrick, we not only have an excuse to drink excessive amounts of beer, but a reason to shop for stylish St Patrick’s Day kilts. Despite its seemingly traditional design, kilts are making a huge comeback in menswear. Differio is your top online shop for urban and contemporary style kilts for the modern man. Urban kilts have even been sported by some of Hollywood’s most popular celebs, like Kanye West and Vin Diesel. From traditional tartan plaid to bold prints, shop for St Patrick's Day kilts without the tacky holiday vibes. 

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