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International fitness model John Odom, unveils new menswear range for

Trendsetting men's fashion online retailer has announced the face of their 2015/2016 collection---internationally renowned and award-winning fitness model John Odom. Quickly becoming a leader in online menswear, Differio began a search earlier this year to find the man with the right look and attitude to fit their daring offerings and mission of ‘Fashion Different.’ The search would last 2 months and saw countless top models from across the country entering Differio's New York offices, but at the end of it all, Differio knew it had found the perfect partner in Odom.

differio featuring John odom John Odom has come a long way since his childhood in the small town of Natchitoches, Louisiana. Since starting his career, Odom has won a number of fitness model competitions, including USA's Muscle Mania and London's Model's Health competition, where he beat out over 40 contestants.

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What is the Sexiest Color on a Man?

For years, in fashion magazines and blogs you could barely turn the page or click on a link without seeing an article on the sexiest colors and most complimentary patterns with respect to women’s clothing. But what about the guys? Today’s fashionable man isn’t afraid to dress with sex appeal and desirability in mind, but is hard pressed to find suggestions on the topic. Until now, because our experts have done the research to discover the sexiest colors - on men. Now let’s get the obvious out the way - red is most definitely one of the sexiest colors a man can wear. We won’t get into all the science-y jargon, but part of red’s timeless appeal is exactly that - science. Red triggers primal response in humans as a signal of sexuality and fertility, just as it does in other animals. Think of preening male birds attracting a mate, or (and no snickering, please) the red behinds of certain primate species. Studies have backed this up, with men wearing red perceived as more sexually desirable as well as having a higher social status.

Red Booty Jock Limited Edition

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Wedding Guest Style for Men? Own the Spotlight

It’s wedding season again - and while they're beautiful events, sometimes it can feel like you’re finding yourself at one every weekend (and sometimes you actually are)! Still, each one is an opportunity to show off a unique new look. One of the great things about summer weddings (other than the outdoor ceremonies and receptions) is that the soaring temperatures make lighter and slightly less formal attire more acceptable - allowing you to replace a boring suit with something more eye-catching. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should look like you’re going to your high school dance - rather, this is an opportunity to show off your fashion sense with some wise, off the beaten path choices. It’s a precarious balancing act - luckily, our style experts have got you covered.

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Far too many people have a utilitarian approach to their workout clothing choices - if I can sweat in it, then I’ll wear it! However, the truly fashion conscious don’t separate life into situations where expressing yourself stylistically applies and others where it doesn’t - you’ve got to be looking great all the time!   Now while there of course is the aesthetic aspect - wanting to be put together and get noticed is natural - it’s not the only or even most important reason to choose stylish clothes for your fitness routines. It’s a proven fact that when you feel confident and good about yourself in general, your motivation increases and your workouts will be more effective. Naturally, one of the easiest ways to get in that mindset is to walk into the gym or out your door at the beginning of that five mile run loving how you look.

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