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Short Shorts

Mens Short Shorts

Explore Styles of Short Shorts for Men

All the latest trends in menswear point to mens short shorts. These are the quintessential shorts for cooling off in the summer heat, especially for guys that want to highlight their legs. From retro micro shorts to extreme mini shorts, our short-length shorts are the perfect mash-up of athletic and casual bottoms. All our shorties are designed by our exclusive brands, such as Glimms, Modus Vivendi and Zircuit. Most of these men’s shorts are designed with a 3 to 5 inch inseam, so you get that perfect above-the-knee fit. Check out our variety of mens short shorts that’ll make a statement anywhere – the beach, the gym and even the bedroom. Yes, we’ve also got those sexy mens leather shorts in cheeky lengths that’ll heat things up behind closed doors. Whatever style you go for, you’ll definitely find a stylish pair that’ll match with everything.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall because short shorts for men actually look amazing on guys of all heights. Since they’re extremely short, they’re designed to emphasize and lengthen your legs. For shorter guys, you should avoid wearing extra-long shirts with short shorts for men. Your shorts will most likely disappear beneath a long top, and you’ll end up looking like you’re swimming in a shirt – sans pants. We recommend choosing tops that fall right at the waist or even crop tops, if you're into the trend. On the other hand, taller guys usually have a longer torso, so you can probably get away with wearing longline tees and tanks. Browse our mens short shorts now to get a steal on indispensable summertime styles.

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