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Mens Swim Trunks

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Mens Swim Trunks | Mens Swim Shorts

Explore Mens Short Swim Trunks

Before you hop on a plane to paradise, you’re going to need the right pair of mens swim trunks for swimming, surfing and sipping margaritas. Is there really any better way to jumpstart a vacation than feeling fly in a new pair of mens swim shorts? We have not only sexy and cool swim trunks, but also comfy styles for any sandy activity so you can stay focused on that vacation state of mind. From mens short swim trunks to board shorts, we carry men’s swim trunks in a variety of lengths that hit high on the thigh or past the knee (because not every guy has the same taste). Of course, when you’re shopping for mens swimming trunks on Differio, you’re going to find the boldest prints, patterns and colors. Whether you’re into classic nautical stripes or funky banana graphics, our styles of mens swim trunks are diverse enough for any beach goer.

Having trouble choosing a pair of mens swim shorts? We’re here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for because shopping for mens swim trunks shouldn’t be stressful. First, you should decide on what length you want to wear. Some guys prefer mens short swim trunks because they feel more breathable than board shorts. Plus, short swim trunks are a great length for showing off all those hard-earned days at the gym! On the other hand, longer swim shorts are usually a favorite amongst pro surfers, especially to avoid chafing. Once you’ve got the right fit style in mind, then choose a pattern or color that catches your eye. You don’t have to limit yourself to what everyone else is wearing. We have plenty of unique swimwear designs to choose from, including military camo, surfboard graphics and cartoon print. If you’re not into swim shorts for men, then check out our sexy collection of mens swim briefs instead!

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