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Whether you’re training for a 5k or the NYC marathon, mens compression shorts are one of the best performance shorts for all athletes. For those of you that aren’t fitness buffs, you’re probably wondering: what are compression shorts for? These popular training shorts are designed tighter than most mens gym shorts to provide muscle support. In some cases, certain compression shorts men wear for sports can also prevent injury and chafing. Our collection of mens compression shorts is not only designed to improve performance, but also keep you looking trendy in the latest activewear styles. These are the compression shorts men love wearing for virtually any physical activity from weightlifting to running to yoga. We carry a variety of extra stretchy shorts made from sweat-wicking fabrics, like spandex and elastane blends. On top of body-cooling materials, you’ll find sexy styles that’ll enhance your figure with shapewear padding. 

If you’re a first timer buying compression shorts men, then you’re probably wondering what to wear with these body-hugging shorts. Since they’re extra tight, it’s important to match them with shirts that’ll balance out your figure. Generally, the go-to tops for these shorts are gym shirts, like hoodies, tank tops and tees. They also look just as stylish with matching compression shirts in fashion-forward patterns like camouflage. If you want to add accessories to your outfit, then you should check out our wide range of workout gear. Complete your next outfit with one of our workout armbands, duffle bags or baseball caps.

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