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STUD Wear It Proud | Shop the STUD Me Up Brand

Explore STUD Clothing & STUD Underwear:

The STUD Wear It Proud collection is the premier clothing brand for provocative underwear and swimwear with a sportswear influence. The STUD clothing line is created for the modern man that isn’t afraid to wear it proud – just like their signature motto. From Sydney to Bangkok, STUD Australia is taking over the world with their jaw-dropping men’s apparel finished with next-level details. The STUD clothing collection is packed with ultra-sexy details, paying attention to fit, fabric and color. Also known as STUD Me Up, you’ll find only the hottest ready-to-wear pieces on Differio perfect for your next fetish, pool or circuit party. The caged STUD harness is a favorite for the festival scene, usually sold with matching STUD underwear and armband. The STUD underwear styles include everything from mesh thongs to strappy jockstraps. The STUD Wear It Proud brand is perfect for highlighting your bod with skin-tight harnesses, erotic underwear and sporty swimwear. Anytime you’re wearing STUD Me Up, just remember there’s no other way to wear it than to WEAR IT PROUD. 

Is this your first time checking out the Stud Me Up brand? The STUD Wear It Proud collection is perfect for making heads turn at any party that calls for ultra-revealing clothing and accessories. If you’re not sure what to wear for your next event, we can help you put together the ultimate STUD party outfit. When you’re hitting the circuit-party scene, you should check out our STUD harnesses with matching armbands. Although they’re usually sold with matching STUD underwear, you can easily wear the STUD harness with any pair of leggings, shorts or pants. The underwear is just an added bonus for the after party and beyond! Since most STUD clothing fits tight against the body, you can easily layer these underneath a basic tee or hoodie if the temp drops. Do you want to be a Differio STUD? Check out the latest items from our STUD Me Up collection now!

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