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Cellblock 13

Cellblock 13 | Cellblock Underwear for Men

Cellblock 13 Underwear & More by Timoteo:

When fashion meets fetish, CellBlock 13 is the ultimate brand for hardcore underwear, swimwear, sportswear, and fetish gear. Founded in Los Angeles, Cellblock 13 is the latest label released by the Timoteo brand. From knee-high socks to fetish-zipper shorts, CellBlock 13 by Timoteo is the hottest way to rock athletic and rugged men’s clothing with sexual intensity. Among Differio’s hand selected items, our collection of men's CellBlock underwear includes everything you need for those hot date nights or hitting the party circuit. From the Cellblock jockstrap to c-ring shorts, CellBlock 13 underwear will not only fire up your evening, but also pump up your bod. You’ll find that each piece is made with body-conscious details that enhance your figure – front and back. Of course, there’s no better way to pair Cellblock underwear than with fetish accessories to complete the fetish-gear look, like Cellblock 13 socks in a knee-high cut. Whether you’re staying in or going out, you’re guaranteed to feel sexy and masculine any time you’re wearing Cellblock 13 clothing.

Is this your first time shopping the CellBlock 13 underwear and fetishwear brand by Timoteo? This is the premium clothing brand for discovering the erotic possibilities of men’s fetish gear. From crotch-revealing pouches to rear-zipper accents, these underwear details are what make Cellblock underwear a favorite amongst male gear addicts. Plus, it’s so easy to wear these pieces as a standalone statement because they’re already packed with eye-catching accents. We recommend pairing our knee-high Cellblock 13 socks with leather fetish shorts for a naughty sportswear look. You’ll be amazed at how just a pair of Cellblock 13 underwear for men can make all the difference in taking your evening plans to the next level. For the latest Cell Block by Timoteo underwear, check out our new mens sexy underwear!

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